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So, um, sorry for spamming you today, and stuff

So, an update on my first foray into selling on eBay: what I've decided to do is throw in a copy of the book (it does, after all, have "Lord of the Rings in Fifteen Minutes" in it), which would make this a TOTALLY UNIQUE AUCTION ZOMG. So you would be getting 1) an 11" Toy Biz Eowyn mint-in-box; 2) the book, hardcover, 400 something pages, as published everywhere but North America, which I will sign if you want (hell, Eowyn can sign it if you want); but not my Eowyn (NOT YOU, EOWYN, CHILL), who is here only for modeling purposes.

We had good light this morning, lots of sun, so I figured we'd use the kitchen table. Purple Arwen, with the magnanimity of the Smug Married, joined us as her stylist, since Eowyn was having some trouble with static electricity. Anna just came along to heckle.

I'm not sure why the fabric looks sparkly,
because it's really truly not.

"Not being able to see her hands is a problem."

"I'm sure people will assume she has hands!"

"Because people on the internet are generally so smart."

Please notice the netted gold lining on the oversleeves.
Also, her undersleeves actually lace up with gold thread.
Also-also, she has hands.

"This is so embarrassing."

"Arwen, get in there and do something about her hair, get a wet comb or something, it's all over the place--"

"Good luck."

"Look, some of us just have really fine hair, Valerifro--"

"What, are you RACIST AGAINST MY HAIR now?"


Eowyn studiously avoids looking at her doppelgänger.

She had to leave the room for this shot.

Eowyn comes warmly dressed for cold weather.
Also, some giant fleshy monster is trying to help her balance.



I wanted Eowyn to pose with Fugagorn's sword or Susan's bow or something, but then I realized I wouldn't want anyone to think that was included. The box says something about "Accessories," which is a blatant LIE, as Eowyn will tell you, because she got NOTHING. I mean, even the belt is attached to her gown. You know how you'll get a DVD and under "Extras" it'll say nothing but "Interactive Menus"? I think it's a little like that. Anyway. I haven't put up the auction yet, but I'll let you know when I do. I'm not sure what I should start it at (a dollar or something, probably), but I'd like to get at least $40 because that's what I had to pay to get her (despite a retail price of $19.99. Damn asshat resellers. Of which I am one now). Whenever I do put it up, I'll probably have it end on a Sunday, which means it probably won't end until next Sunday, so you have plenty of time to think about it, and I have plenty of time to figure out how to not screw it up, I guess.

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