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I am certain some of this coding will be borked

Let's do a picspam before I try to catch up on two days of links:

Picture 052 Picture 097 Picture 073

Picture 073 Picture 071 Picture 100 Picture 103 Picture 119

This is the cat, as you will remember, who bit me so bad I ended up at a clinic.

Picture 052 Picture 112 Picture 116 Picture 109 Picture 097

akathorne: "Oh my god, Scout turned into Clifford the Big Red Dog."
Shelby's the black and white dog; she and Scout are two years old, from the same litter.
Sam's the white pomeranian. He needs to see his stylist as soon as it gets warmer.

Picture 002

Can you do that?

I also took some pictures of Lyra and Elizabeth, which I'll put up later.

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Tags: bad cat, house of bark, picspam, scout, shelby
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