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Two days of catchup

There is so much awesome in this linkspam that it can barely be contained.

Eyewitness Photos of Hudson River Plane Crash [Photo Gallery]; Hudson Plane Crash Survivor: 'Scary as Shit'; Passenger: 'It seemed like it lasted an eternity'; The Joy of a Disaster Averted.

Pilot’s 3-Day Run From Ruin Comes to an End; Mistakes unraveled fleeing Indiana pilot Marcus Schrenker's escape; Feds file two charges against fugitive pilot Marcus Schrenker; Runaway pilot awaits doctors' orders.

State of the Plagiarism: It's been a year since the Cassie Edwards plagiarism scandal, and somehow people still want to punish the whistleblowers rather than the wrongdoer (including the logically specious statement, "Isn’t it enough that you people set out to destroy her career and almost caused her death?"). In response, NORA ROBERTS RIDES AGAIN.

From caitlen: The best line in the worst comic ever. Beats "I'm the goddamn Batman" with one hand behind its back. Warning: Is not safe for work or life or brains.

catvalente: Clean your damn apartments, guys: "Batman does not live in an apartment with a broken futon and a dusty TV, guys. None of the greats do. This is your lair. Treat it with respect."

nihilistic_kid: Every "Extreme horror" story ever written and Every "Quiet Horror" Story Ever Written (" 'The Horror Of Horrorville' by F. Streetname Whitebread"). I have to admit, I was totally guilty of a "Sometimes the branches look like hands to me" line with "The Hot Door."

If you're going to NY Comic-Con, I suggest you try to pick up the exclusive "Forging Excalibur" Lara Croft doll at the Tonner booth. (I don't actually have a page link for it.) Someone's going to asshat-resell them; it might as well be you.

New Gorillaz demos: Awesome.

The Decemberists offer free MP3 of creepy but catchy 'The Rake's Song.'

Fox plans a giant 'Simpsons' birthday party.

A Moment Of Zen For Jon Stewart's First Decade On 'The Daily Show'; Jon Stewart Gives Daniel Craig Sweaty Palms [Clips].

John Barrowman to write Torchwood comic.

Sasha Obama gives Uglydoll her special sassy seal of approval.

Balloon Animals Get It On.

Sundance 2009 Day 0: Welcome Home to Park City!; Live From Utah, It’s The MTV Movies Team At Sundance!; Even Sundance feels the weight of recession; Media Blames SAG On Eve Of Sundance; Can’t Make It To Sundance Film Festival? Download Select Films Free On iTunes.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘Ben Button’ Lead BAFTA Nominees with 11 Followed By ‘The Dark Knight.’

Costume Designers Guild nominations.

Oscar Fallout Begins Over Foreign-Language Snubs; Kate Winslet's Oscar hopes in doubt after Hollywood backlash over Nazi role; Is ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Next in Line for Oscar Backlash?

2009 Oscar Presenters Kept Under Wraps.

Images: The Top 10 Shots of 2008; First Look: Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel; EXCL: Over 15 New 'Friday the 13th' Photos; Exclusive Friday the 13th Photos; Detailed Images of Mezco's New Voorhees Toy; New 'Franklyn' Artwork; Kristen Stewart in 'The Cake Eaters', on the set of 'Adventureland'; Clive Owen in 'The International'; 'Kick-Ass' Photos Emerge With Old Man Nic Cage; Sundance Exclusive: 'Lymelife' Poster Premiere; The Sundance Poster for 'Grace'; Photos from Rupert Grint's New Film 'Cherrybomb'; Kellan Lutz on the set of 'The Warrior'; 'Crank 2: High Voltage' Poster Promotes Cutting, Self-Electrocution; Street Fighter pics; new Dragonball pic; Olly Moss’s Poster Remakes.

Trailers and clips: James Toback’s ‘Tyson’ Documentary Debuts At Sundance — Get Your First Look Here; Five Clips from the Sci-Fi Thriller 'Moon'; New Theatrical Trailer for 'Fast & Furious'; 'Checkmates' Trailer: Chess Meets Checkers Meets Stepping Up; Must Watch: Red Band Trailer for Bret Easton Ellis' 'The Informers'; My Bloody Valentine 3-D TV Spot - Good Old Fashioned Bullshit; A WTF Trailer for Season Three of 'The Tudors.'

trailer_spot: Scripts, Franklyn, Tokyo Sonata, Next Day Air, Killshot.

'Terminator Salvation' Art You'll Want To Spray-Paint On Your Van; McG Clears Up Numerous 'Terminator Salvation' Rumors; We preview footage from 'Terminator Salvation' and have massive spoilers!; Sarah Connor Will Haunt 'Terminator Salvation.'

Rumor: Sienna Miller Fired From 'Nottingham' for Being Too Hot? I know this is pretty much the same story as before, but I just find the Russell Crowe and His Ego shenanigans endlessly funny.

Is Emily Blunt up for Black Widow in 'Iron Man 2'?; EXCLUSIVE: Sam Rockwell Confirms ‘Iron Man 2′ Role, Was Considered For Tony Stark; Samuel L. Jackson Wants His Motherfucking Self Off This Motherfucking 'Iron Man' Sequel.

(Related: Sundance: Sam Rockwell Heads To Park City With Two Films In Tow.)

Studio denies report of James Mangold directing third 'Twilight' book 'Eclipse'; Nina Ricci Takes Legal Action Against Twilight Fragrance in one of the most brazen cases of design theft I've ever seen; Michael Copon responds to being an EPIC FAIL; Pie chart: The Reasons People Hate Twilight.

(Moar charts: 20 Celebrity Lives in Flow Chart Form. I love the Sherlock Holmes one, although the David Caruso one is genius in its simplicity.)

From weird_cowgirl: A 'Spartacus' series casting call (CHARISMATIC. RUGGED. ATTRACTIVE. INTENSE).

‘Star Trek’ Stars Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine Talk Sequels, Comparisons And William Shatner; J.J. Abrams defends his Star Trek: You'll love it!

Exclusive: McG confirms details of his upcoming Captain Nemo; McG Wants Will Smith for His 20,000 Leagues' Captain Nemo?

‘Atonement’ Writer Goes ‘East Of Eden’ For New Adaptation Of Steinbeck Novel.

Jim Sheridan Developing Project About FBI Informant Whitey Bulger.

Gore Verbinski Directing Scammed Rancher Movie Next?

Kieran Culkin Cast in 'Scott Pilgrim.'

MGM Announces 'Silence of the Lambs' Blu-Ray. OH DAMMIT NOW I'M GONNA HAVE TO BUY THIS TOO. I swear to God, I already own like three different versions of this movie. It was my absolute favorite movie as a teenager (what? Clarice Starling had a profound effect on my adolescence), and I still maintain that it is one of the few better-than-the-book adaptations in cinema.

‘Cowboy Bebop’ With Keanu Reeves is Set to Go. And the wailing begins... now.

'Twilight' Star Jackson Rathbone Hopes To 'Show His Range' In 'Last Airbender.' Well, he better hope that his range includes a different skin color, because I know a lot of unhappy Airbender campers.

Paul McGuigan Talks Push — And Deathlok [Exclusive]; Watch an extended 'Push' gun battle video here.

Fan Made: Star Wars Retold (By Someone Who Hasn't Seen It).

What Happens When "The World Sinks Except Japan" [Found Footage].


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