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Dollspam, with apologies

Re: Tonner Twilight dolls: They changed the pictures! They changed the pictures! (This is why I document these things!)

Holy shit, I think Bella's gotten worse, unless it's just the angle. Edward hasn't improved much, although he does look a bit less like David Boreanaz now.

Anyway. Since people wanted to see how Lyra and Elizabeth compared to the pictures on the Tonner site, well--here we are.

Lyra and Pan. The coat and cap colors are a bit different from the website pic, but I actually like them better. Note: the bag in the second picture did not come with the doll; it's a jewelry pouch I found that seems to make a convenient knapsack.

And here's Lyra with... Iorek.

Some clothing details for the costumishly-minded among you. Includes the mittens that I absolutely cannot cram onto her hands, so I just put them in her bag.

And here's Elizabeth, with Obligatory Sword-Brandishing Shot:

The pictures without flash were much less flattering.

More costume details: hat, coat, swash; the back of her waistcoat. Again, the colors were different, but I like them much better--more uniformly (and accurately) brown.

Show 'em your lace-up cuffs, Lizzie. (The other strings are for her collar. Pirates do not keep their collars laced up. Duh.)

She has an oddly low hairline, which is why she prefers to keep her hat on.

Lyra and Elizabeth together, for size reference:

I'll probably take pictures of the others next, but not quite so exhaustively. I don't think the boys would stand for an extended fashion shoot anyway.

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