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Hm. I feel jittery and unsettled and kind of sad--helpless, even. The onset was so sudden that I think it's a regularly scheduled hormonal dip. But it's really weird, feeling so jittery that you have to do something, but too depressed to actually do it.

I do want to mention something that's kind of been eating at me, re: The Secret Life of Dolls--I know I keep mentioning that I'm going to get this or that doll eventually, and I want to make sure people understand that I'm not fishing for gifts, you know? I mean, I'm so flattered and grateful that people actually did send me a couple, but--please read anything of that nature as foreshadowing rather than begging for loot. I mean, go back and read the last several Secret Life entries (starting with, say, "The Newcomer") knowing now that I had found a decently-priced Faramir and was planning on getting it, and was building up the expectation there so that we could then have this entry. (I hate breaking the fourth wall here, because I feel like keeping a straight face is what makes those entries work. So skip down a bit now if you don't want to spoil the illusion with a meta discussion.) >>I mean, believe it or not, I actually have a number of things planned out--not set in stone, but I've thought out how various characters would react to different situations, and as it turns out, getting a Faramir before an Edward (I had planned the reverse) has actually resulted in a better storyline. (You'll see what I mean.) I don't have a regular posting schedule or anything, and I only post when I think of something--often in reaction to some news item, which is why I don't plan things out too concretely; I like to incorporate this or that whim as it comes to me. But I still have a general direction I'm moving in, and I have a lot of "whims" that I write down and set aside for the future.<< My point, and I have one, is--please don't think that repeated mentions of something means that I'm hinting at y'all to buy it for me. It's about trying to set up something that will have a payoff in the future, and it makes me kind of queasy to think that it comes off as grasping or tacky.


What can mustang_bex1126's husband do in Montgomery (AL) while he's there for the week? I really don't know Montgomery at all, so I can't advise--y'all?


Lots of toys: Classic Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Prop Replica; Star Trek Movie Barbie Dolls Unveiled (To The Dream House, Spock! [Malibuhura]).

The A.V. Club Blog: One more amusing thing: An insanely detailed Obama action figure; Living Dolls ("Word on the street is, the TY company is making Sasha and Malia dolls. Who are, for some reason, portrayed as teenagers. With breasts. Not change we can believe in!"); Maker swears Sasha, Malia dolls not Obama-related. I like to think there was a threatening phone call from Rahm Emanuel. If TY doesn't give in? Michelle Obama gets involved, and God help them all.

Entertainment Tonight Gives Cruise Cuddly Nazi Teddy Bear [WTF].

Keira Knightley Insults Paparazzi Via Text Message.

'Lost': Producers talk premiere; Lost's "Ben" says the new season changes everything; Lost Is Everywhere: A Collection Of The Best Parodies And Island Shout Outs; Nine ‘Lost’ Questions We Need Answered. I STILL WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE FOUR-TOED STATUE.

‘Benjamin Button’ Tops Oscar Nominations; The Biggest Oscar Snubs Of The Morning; Newsweek's Oscar Roundtable (after which participant Sally Hawkins fell prey to the Ironically, Not Nominated curse); 5 Plots And Subplots To Watch In This Year's Oscar Race; One Year Later - Remembering Heath Ledger.

How Benjamin Button Will Win All The FX Awards; 'Benjamin Button' is great, for a totally unoriginal piece of trash ("If you see one bitchy viral video this year, see this one").

Images: Attn costume hounds! New still from 'Cheri' starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Rupert Friend; Exclusive: 'The Great Buck Howard' Poster Premiere; Check This Out: Another, Better 'Street Fighter' Movie Poster; Exclusive: 'Obsessed' Poster Premiere.

Trailers and clips: Exclusive Red Band Clip: 'Taken'; new 'Coraline' clip; Trailer Premiere: 'Big Man Japan'; Lady of Shalott Film on Facebook; There's a New Overly-Elaborate Serial Killer Movie in Town ['The Horsemen'].

New Poster, Image and Clip from Disney/Pixar’s ‘Up.’

‘Iron Man 2’ & Other Upcoming Blockbusters: Feeling The Economic Pinch?; Is Marvel Really Trying To Nickel-And-Dime Tony Stark?

The Dark Knight Re-Release IMAX Locations; Toy Review: Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker.

Exclusive 'Watchmen' Concept Art; New 'Watchmen' TV Spot and Viral Site Launch; Must Watch: An NBS Retrospective, 10 Years of Dr. Manhattan.

New Moon Casting Scoop! Dakota Fanning as Jane? (repeat from last night); ‘Twilight’ DVD Announcement! Special Features Include Deleted Scenes, Documentary; DVD Release Parties (apparently it's coming out on a Saturday for that reason. Really? Really?); Where Can Fangirls Get Twilight Blu-Ray?; Starz Bunnies do Twilight in 30 seconds.

Inkheart's Brendan Fraser says his role was based on ... him!; Why 'Inkheart' director Iain Softley fought to keep star Brendan Fraser; Andy Serkis on Fantasy-Adventure 'Inkheart'; Exclusive 'Inkheart' Video Interviews; 'Inkheart' Video Chat.

Sony Pushes Emmerich's '2012' From July to November.

Ruffalo's 'Sympathy' Back on Track; Orlando Bloom And Laura Linney Join Mark Ruffalo’s ‘Sympathy For Delicious.’

John August Penning 'Frankenweenie' for Burton, 'Preacher' for Mendes.

‘The Shadow’ Remake Could Feature ‘Many People’ Instead Of Solo Hero, Says Producer.

Abigail Breslin Joins Johnny Depp’s ‘Rango’ & ‘The Wild Bunch,’ In Talks For ‘Zombieland’ Role.

Katie Holmes, Paul Dano And Kevin Kline Join ‘The Extra Man’ Cast.

Wilkinson and Belushi in Polanski's 'Ghost.'

Sam Rockwell On 'Moon,' Mind Games, And The Perils Of Clone Ping-Pong [Defamer Interviews].

Michael Cera Would Rather Play A Villain Than George Michael Bluth; Arrested Development movie is "more hypothetical than people think," according to a jerk.

Kieran Culkin Cast in 'Scott Pilgrim'; Routh, Larson and Many More Board 'Scott Pilgrim'; Chris Evans, Brandon Routh fill out cast of 'Scott Pilgrim.'

Joss Whedon horror film begins casting: Guess the plot!

Should Judd Apatow make Bill Hader's slasher movie?

‘The Box’ Director Richard Kelly Finds The Arcade Fire.

Tom and Jerry Getting a Live-Action CGI Feature Film.

How Can A Space Battle Be So Great, And So Cheesy, At The Same Time? [Found Footage].

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