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Well, I didn't see this coming

So my mother brought home another package from my PO box this morning (again, I don't know who it's from! You have to tell me so I can thank you! This is going to be so much fun, for real), and... well:

"Gladdy, you gotta get over here and represent again. We need the welcome wagon."

Lyra's showing her the alethiometer (Galadriel is always interested in the latest in divination technology), so she gets up with a little puff, but she's too gracious to look put out. She glides forward... and then she glides right back.

"Is this a glitch in the Matrix?"

"Just DO IT, Gladdy."

"So... welcome... noble prince. I am Galadriel, the Lady of... Lórien. Queen of Laurelindórenan. Daughter of the... House of... something. Finarfin? Finarfin."

"Many thanks, gracious lady," says Faramir, giving her a very low, courtly bow.

The rest of the gang has been wandering over, and now they all stop dead. And then they look over at the printer table where Faramir's been camping out.

Faramir looks up from restringing his bow.

See, this was the part that was really making me nervous. I mean, aside from any other considerations, you remember how freaked out Eowyn was to see another Eowyn. And, you know, Faramir's got all his issues and whatnot and he just got here and Eowyn's not even speaking to him--

So I wasn't quite expecting Faramir to jump up and hug Faramir and clap Faramir on the back. I guess he's just really happy to have someone else to camp out with?

"Oh, you have got to be shitting me."

"That's not even fair!"

I can't even describe the look on Eowyn's face. I can't quite explain it--it's not quite like she's seen a ghost, but it's definitely some flavor of "overwhelmed." Damn, I wish I knew what was going through her head right now. She folds her arms and stands there, wide-eyed, not sure what to do.

(I'll stop and say right here that somehow his belt is longer or more flexible or something than Fara... Faramir One's, so I was able to tie it in an actual knot like on the box. Also, I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to buckle on Faramir One's quiver, and I realize now it's because his buckle was put on facing the wrong way, whereas Faramir Two's is on correctly, which means Faramir's going to feel inferior again that we'll at least be able to tell them apart.)

(Also, I managed to break the tiny little strap, because I'm a dumbass. Faramir Two laughed and tied it back together in a jaunty double knot.)

"Have you killed anyone?"

"In the course of necessary battle, many."

"How many?"

"No more than I had to, but as many as was meet."

"Good. I like you."

So... I guess he's got the Silvertongue Seal of Approval, then.

He pats Lyra's shoulder. "I thank you for your welcome, and I look forward to getting acquainted with... " He stops when his glance reaches the Arwens and the Aragorns, and his eyes seem to linger for a moment, but then he picks up again: "... this fine company."

They all look at him.

They all look at Eowyn.

They all look at me.

"All right, all right! Get back to... whatever it is you do. Go braid some pipeweed or whatever."

And then, while the crowd is dispersing (with nosy reluctance), he ambles over to Eowyn, who still hasn't moved.

"That's a lovely dress," he says.

"Oh... why... thank you," says Eowyn, blushing.

"It's so easy for white to wash out a blonde, but it's really a flattering color on you. And that belt is fantastic."

"... Oh."

"Oh? ...Oh."

What? What is it?

... Oh.

(More from the Secret Life of Dolls.)

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