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Well, I didn't see this coming

So my mother brought home another package from my PO box this morning (again, I don't know who it's from! You have to tell me so I can thank you! This is going to be so much fun, for real), and... well:

"Gladdy, you gotta get over here and represent again. We need the welcome wagon."

Lyra's showing her the alethiometer (Galadriel is always interested in the latest in divination technology), so she gets up with a little puff, but she's too gracious to look put out. She glides forward... and then she glides right back.

"Is this a glitch in the Matrix?"

"Just DO IT, Gladdy."

"So... welcome... noble prince. I am Galadriel, the Lady of... Lórien. Queen of Laurelindórenan. Daughter of the... House of... something. Finarfin? Finarfin."

"Many thanks, gracious lady," says Faramir, giving her a very low, courtly bow.

So... I guess he's got the Silvertongue Seal of Approval, thenCollapse )

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