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I need to make a jewelry icon of some sort

So I have to apologize in advance for upcoming spamminess, because the Screen Actors Guild awards are on tonight (TBS?), and I'll be liveblogging them as well. (Traditionally I only liveblog three awards shows, so the Oscars late next month are the only other show you have to worry about. And this one's only two hours and nothing but acting awards, so it shouldn't be too bad.)

Meanwhile: Sideshow Toy Legolas, from the people who brought you Faramir One and Faramir Two! (Sideshow Toy Legolas with elven cloak! Bitch-ass expensive on eBay, but if I'm going to save up for this one--although he's beneath the Dollens on the priority list--I'm going to get the works.)

That said, their Aragorn kind of weirds me out in the face, I'm not sure why. Maybe because he looks like he's about to burst into tears. So I think I'm sufficiently Aragorned as it is.

(I could never get a Boromir. Faramir One would never recover from it.)

More doll links, culled from yesterday's window-shopping idly across the internet:

Whoa. The likeness on this Obi-Wan is kind of... uncanny.

An auction lot of 12" Queen Amidala dolls [and a Leia] on the cheap [ends in two days], if any Star Wars fans are interested.

Okay, THIS chair should fit everybody.

SP Miniatures: Doll crystal balls! Doll tarot cards! Hogwarts textbooks! HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THE WIZARD'S CABINET!

omg doll jewelry. Really nice doll jewelry.

Also, via txvoodoo, who vouches for the LJers involved: Please read and help!
A few days ago I found out that my dear friend [bdbdb] just got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and lost sight of one of her eyes due to this awful disease. She is currently in the hospital where they are trying to save her other eye and prevent her from going completely blind. To make the matters worse, she has no medical coverage and the hospital bills will probably add up to more then she makes in a year!


So while I cannot fight her disease, because it currently has no cure, I've decided to donate 100% of all the profits made from my Etsy shop for the next month (1/23 to 2/23) to help her pay for her medical bills to try and make her life a little easier in this great tragedy. I am donating my time, material costs and all the Etsy fees to this cause. If you would like to donate without purchasing please use the Donation button on the top right hand corner of my blog. Thanks!
Just from browsing, I would recommend the lily earrings. (People do seem to be buying things up, so you may have to wait for a restock if they sell out.) And I love the opal-colored Czech beads and the color on the tangerine marble earrings.

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