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SAG Awards liveblog #3

Commercials: Am I crazy for kind of wanting to see Push?

Please welcome! Christina Applegate in drapey green and Taye Diggs in hot! They both looked bored out of their minds. Male actor in a drama series! Boston Legal is a drama series? Boston Legal is worth two nomination slots? "HUGH LAURIE!" they announce in unison. Laurie: "Thank you! This is amazing! I actually had a hundred dollars on James Spader! This is just not my night." Back in the day, he was making a movie in the Namibian desert ("against the advice of my agent, who said the more films you did, the harder it would be to break into television...")? I don't even know. Also, he thanks craft services for "the finest cheesy eggs this side of the Rio Grande." Bless.

Amy Poehler and John Krasinski! Laws, that is a height difference right there. "Can't we just be serious for once? Why does everything have to be a joke?" demands Poehler. "Oh my God, not tonight." "IF NOT TONIGHT, WHEN?" "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING?" "BECAUSE IT'S ALL I KNOOOOOW!!!!" And then they turn to the audience and bow. HEE.

So the first actress/drama clip being of Sally Field shrieking her head off is just that much funnier.

And the fact that Sally Field then wins is hilarious.

Wow. She's babbling and I have no idea where she's going with this. Except "I have been an actor for forty-five years" gets a big cheer. Actors, they inspire! They provoke! They ramble on for ten minutes at a shot! Thank you, and good night!

Here's Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch and James Franco and James Franco's hair with a Milk clip.

Emily Blunt and Eric McCormack! Wow, that is a silver dress. And yet, she is working it. There's a nice "coming back as a ghost for some really creepy sex scenes" slam on Grey's Anatomy, by the way. Also, the Closer clip is way over in the comedy territory, so I'm not sure what that was about. "The Actor goes to..." "MAD MEN!" someone shouts (I think?), and McCormack snarks, "How did you know?"

Sometime in the near future: James Earl Jones receives the Honorary Snack Break Award!

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