Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

SAG Awards liveblog #5

Ladies and gentlemen, Ernest Borgnine! A quintet of exceptional women! Grace and power and words with the wrong syllables emphasized! Bless. Female actor in a TV movie/miniseries! Wow, Laura Dern looks kind of scary as Katherine Harris. Oh, wait, this is the Laura Linney award, never mind. (Coco Chanel: The only character both Shirley Maclaine and Audrey Tautou will ever play.) "Oh! You wanna know who won! Would you believe--Laura Linney?" She was warned not to "fondle" the Actor statuette, so she pushes him gently over to the side of the podium. Hee. Lovely bright coral-colored dress; apparently my "Brighter colors won't wash you out!" brainwaves from the Globes reached her.

Amy Adams and Viola Davis from Doubt! What THE HELL is that THING on Amy Adam's dress? It's a great plum/burgundy/something color, a sheath dress, great fit, and then MALIGNANT GIFT BOW TUMOR. Who thinks these things are a good idea? I keep seeing them! I will never understand.

OH MY GOD IT GOT MARISA TOMEI, TOO! Great peach colored dress, GIANT SHOULDER PARASITE. Male actor in a TV movie/miniseries! Ralph Fiennes smiles into the camera, happy and mellow. I don't know what he's drinking, but I want some. Paul Giamatti wins, but cannot be here. Marisa Tomei's carnivorous bow is happy to accept.

Susan Sarandon in simple black with--oh God, the Annual Death March of Deathly Death. HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE UNTIL THE END. As many as I can catch: Charlton Heston, Ivan Dixon, Kim Chan, Don S. Davis, Majel Barrett, David Groh, Stanley Kamel, Harvey Korman (cheer), Edie Adams, Paul Scofield, Mel Ferrer, Sam Bottoms, Cyd Charisse (big cheer), Robert Prosky, Robert Doqui, Don LaFontaine, Patrick McGoohan, Christopher Allport, Dick Martin, Paul Benedict, Gil Stratton, Beverly Garland, Sydney Pollack (huge cheer), Isaac Hayes, Evelyn Keyes, Barry Morse, John Philip Law, Ruth Cohen, Ricardo Montalban, Augusta Dabney, George Furth, Van Johnson, Bernie Mac (cheer), Pat Hingle, Don Galloway, George Carlin (cheer), Richard Widmark, Estelle Getty, Bernie Hamilton, Roy Schieder, Eartha Kitt, Nina Foch, Paul Newman (huge cheer).

(No one holds their applause until the end.)

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