Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Public service announcement

So my mother got a letter Saturday morning informing her that she has won $125,000 in a "Canadian lottery," and here is a check for $5000 to take care of "Canadian taxes," but she will only have to send them $4800 of it back and then blah blah blah scam scam scam. Fortunately the first thing she did was 1) not believe it and the second thing she did was 2) call upon my Google-fu. The first thing I did was Google the name on the check, and the very first page of the very first site of the very first result said this:

Notice of fraudulent checks:

QST Industries has never issued any checks for lottery or tax reimbursements. We are a company located within the USA and do not send checks out of any locations within Canada.

If you have received a check that appears to be from us it is a forged check with an invalid bank account number.

Our banks and the authorities are on guard against these forgeries. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our corporate headquarters at [etc.]
Next up: M&M Financial, Inc., "Financial Investment and Lottery Resource Management":

"M&M Financial is a private firm specializing in the resolution of government tax liabilities in all 50 states." Hm. Another stolen name. "M & M Financial Group, James McInnes, Ryan Morgan Defrauded my father and me out of $80,000+ Lindon Utah." "M And M Financial, Inc, Claim Agent - Chris Peters, Manager - H.I Grundy Canadian Sweepstakes Big Scam. BEWARE Americans Vegreville Alberta Canada."

Uh-oh--they're playing our song. Let's see what they say:
The check they sent was intended to pay the Canadian Non Resident Tax and they said that the amount was deducted from my winnings. Why would they send me a check to pay for the Canadian Non Resident Tax where in fact they can actually deduct the tax amount and pay directly to the Canadian Tax Bureau and just send me the net amount? [...] Meaning, you encash their check, pay their tax 'as in' and before you know it, they have already access your bank account and your personal information like your SSN, your paychecks (if direct deposit), etc.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking. The report was filed four days ago, and the reporter doesn't seem to have fallen for it (I mean, fortunately), so we don't know the extent of the scam--although I guess they'd take you for everything they could lay hands on. (Apparently the Canadian Lottery Scam is not unique to these people, either.) So basically, in conclusion: Google is your friend, and lotteries you didn't enter are bad.

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