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Your regularly-scheduled linkspam returns

MOAR DOLLS: I just keep staring at the Serafina Pekkala prototype. SHE SO PRETTY. I'm still just so giddy that they're actually making her. And yes, that is a Sam Elliott Cowboy Grandpa doll listed beneath her.

(I like how the site has to specify, "This character does not wear shoes." So, you know, don't call up Tonner and bitch them out when she doesn't come with any.)

Meanwhile, I found out that 100 Edwards and Bellas will be sold at the Tonner NYCC booth in a couple of weeks. You know. Early. Before you can get them anywhere else. Of course, you'll have to bring your beatstick to ward off the other Twihards in order to reach the table, but still. I immediately started shrieking "NOOOO! NOOOOOOO!" because, while I know people who will be physically present at Comic-Con and could pick them up for me, I don't have the money yet because I haven't finished my stupid e-thing to sell (which is still assuming I'd have anything left after paying off the air conditioner, which I said I'd take care of). In fact, I have a children's picture book (just the text, obviously) that I need to find a publisher for. But, of course, did not think to do this ahead of time just in case Sparkle Motion should be present at NYCC. AUGH. Ah, well. There'll still be 1900 other dolls to cut TwiMoms for.

(Oh Lord: MTV Staffers Unbox The Magical Edward Cullen Doll. I'm not even going to look. I don't even want to know.)

Re: Canadian lotteries: Grimheld Wormtongue needs your help getting some funds out of Gondor.

Kim Manners, Executive Producer of "Supernatural" and best known as producer for "The X-Files", passed away last night after losing the fight to cancer.

Neil Gaiman Wins Newbery Medal ("Insert amazed and delighted swearing here").

Sunday's SAG Awards liveblog starts here; SAG Awards: Best/worst moments (Poehler and Krasinski go dramatic); SAG Award Speeches: Winslet, Streep and Laurie; Dishy details from the SAG Awards; OH NO MARISA TOMEI'S SATIN TUMOR HAS SPREAD! A single bowectomy ain't gonna take care of that.

Catherine Shaffer dogged by evolutionists angry about something she didn't actually say. Because, of course:

Olivia, spunky girl pig, gets Nickelodeon series.

Thriller The Musical Will Save Broadway.

'True Blood' Gets A New Vamp.

'Ugly Betty' benched by ABC?!

ABC orders pilot for a reboot of V, the 1980s alien-invasion series.

Images: The International; Destro's Mask: Revealed to a Degree!; Four New Retro Character Posters for 'Monsters vs Aliens'; 'Fired Up' Poster; 'Safety Glass' Poster Released; 'The Informers' Poster; Jerry Bruckheimer Debuts ‘Prince of Persia’ Poster Within His Own Film, ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic.'

Trailers and clips: Six Clips from 'The Horsemen'; Must Watch: Early Trailer for Claymation 'Mary and Max' ("This definitely isn't MPAA approved and contains some edgy language that probably won't show up in the official trailer"); 'Adventureland' Trailer; 'The Cove': 'All the President's Men' but with Dolphin Murder.

Next Batman Movie in 2011?; Liam Neeson Says Christopher Nolan Has His Number For ‘Dark Knight’ Sequel; 'The Dark Knight' Deserves Oscar Nominations, Say High-Profile Fans; Jonathan Nolan responds to TDK grassroots Oscar campaign site; Jonathan Nolan On Dark Knight Snubs And Oscars' Crappy Cash Bar.

New "Half-Blood Prince" Trailer from Japan Now Online; New Photo of Professor McGonagall from "Half-Blood Prince"; Two Slughorn promos; Emma Watson: Test Shoots on "Deathly Hallows" To Take Place on Monday January 26; New Dumbledore and Bellatrix Figures from Tonner Doll Co.; More on Potter the Stage Production that Might have Been; Dan Radcliffe Talks Theater, Politics, Potter, and More in New Interview.

Must Watch: One Final Trailer for Henry Selick's 'Coraline' (New 'Twilight Zone' Intro-Like 'Coraline' Trailer; Coraline's Neil Gaiman Scares The Crap Out Of Me); The Perils of Advertising; Coraline director Henry Selick on how not to mess up Neil Gaiman; Is Coraline right for (insert age here)?

Exclusive ‘Push’ Preview: New Images From Summit’s Super-Powered Thriller; Can Dakota Fanning Save Chris Evans' Life With Her Sass And Visions? (clips).

Dakota Fanning Calls New Moon Role "A Really Fantastic Experience" (please note that, with Push, she has a prior relationship with Summit); Rumor Control: Will the Real America Please Stand Up (that is, the actress auditioning isn't America Ferrera, but rather America Young); And Then Buffy Staked Edward. The End.

Curious Open Casting Call for 'The Last Airbender.'

Jamie Bell and Daniel Craig Join Steven Spielberg's 'Tintin.' Okay, now you have my attention.

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Oldboy’ Adaptation Will Be ‘Nothing Less Than Stunning,’ Says Will Smith.

To Boldly Kind of Go (or, a look at the many new Star Trek toys and figures).

Watching the 'Watchmen' viral ad campaign'; Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic; Want details of the Watchmen soundtracks? They're here.

'Lost Planet' Movie May Be More Expensive Than 'Watchmen.'

The Germans Love 'Valkyrie'!

Gerard Butler To Get His Robert Burns Biopic?

Tobey Maguire Snags ‘Good People’ Thriller, Development Timeline Depends On ‘Spider-Man.’

Lohan, Fox, Cyrus tipped for 'Snow White' role.

The Truth About Megan Fox As The Next Lara Croft.

Sexual Swordplay, 80s Montages and Murder Dominate McG's 20,000 Leagues.

Should the new 'Tarzan' movie be ape-free?

Lesbian Vampires And Winged Babies Take Flight [Cult Movie Worship].

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