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Wherein I am a DJ

Okay, I got tired of waiting for Garbage and No Doubt to show up, and I finally got it through my head that they're in the half of the catalogue that Launchcast isn't going to play until I pay for the premium service. I also wasn't getting any Britney or Beyoncé (and not that I would normally care about Beyoncé, but I kinda wanted to hear "Naughty Girl" again). To their credit, I was getting all the Tori Amos, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Duran Duran, and Air that I could stand. I swear that it is a total coincidence that Tori has been on while was I journalling these last two times. But since it's $4 for a single month, I said okay, let's spring for premium and see if it's any good. (If you pay for a year up front, it's $3 per month.)

So, since I am the leader of the bandwagon, here's how it's turned out. I can skip as many songs as I want to, although this wasn't really a problem before anyway--they never stopped me before. There are no annoying commercials now ("Diary! You can talk!"). I can now subscribe to y'all's stations, which means that your tastes will influence which songs I get that I haven't rated yet--so I'm counting on you guys, since you have better taste in music than I do. (This is just a given.) I've already subscribed to brassyn, cellardoor28, and rockgeisha's stations. If anyone else has created one, leave me your user name or a link or something and I'll check it out.


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