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On my way to dinner

Re: Fox picking up Narnia news: Am I really the only person who enjoyed Prince Caspian? I'm not saying either of the two Narnia movies are perfect, but I love them both and didn't find either one of them to be any kind of travesty.

(Although, yeah, Aslan's headgames in the second movie were kind of bullshit.)

(From annlarimer: Madame Alexander made two Narnia dolls? Hmm. Lucy really works at that size, and the White Witch... really, really doesn't. It's kind of... chibi!Jadis. Needs moar evil.)

made_of_fail_pc: Episode Twelve: Buckets Of Explosions!

From foresthouse: Michael Dirda at the Washington Post has a new book discussion group. "The Reading Room is relatively new, so it needs to build up sufficient numbers to keep it open. I'm trying to spread the word. : )"

More linkspam!

Leotard Hitler NEEDS no pantsCollapse )

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