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My first lol of the day

Okay, this is hilarious in its brilliance: The Leaky Cauldron now has its own social network, MyLeaky. If you've ever had any kind of account to leave comments on the news articles or the Leaky Lounge message boards, all you have to do is log in and you're good to go. Then you can go to your profile page and choose your Hogwarts house (you only get to choose once, and then it's permanent) and your patronus (you can change this. After a moment of perplexity, I realized that it was my destiny to have an omgwtfpolarbear). And stuff you do on the site then earns your house points. They're also letting wizard rock bands upload music, the way bands can on MySpace, so that'll be fun. And of course there's groups for just about everything, or there will be--it's like, everyone's got Harry Potter in common to start with, but I also just found a Neil Gaiman fans group, and there's writers in general, I saw an Avatar: The Last Airbender group, all kinds of stuff. And I set up a Movies in Fifteen Minutes group--I felt horribly presumptuous doing it, but Melissa's got one for her book, and it might be fun to post a (future, hypothetical) Order of the Phoenix in Fifteen Minutes there first. If I ever get around to it. You know.

(You also get to answer profile questions like which HP book is your favorite and which HP movie and which HP ship, and... I'm still trying to figure that last one out, although I'm so vanilla that whatever I put will probably enrage people. LUPIN/TONKS OMG HOW COULD YOU?? This is not even to speak of Harry/Ginny.)

By the way, if you don't already have some kind of account at the Leaky Cauldron, and you don't mind Ravenclaw getting 20 points for it, direct-message me here with your name and email (I mean, I don't need your real name, just what you want me to put on the invitation) and I'll send you a referral. You can join without one and you can join whichever house you want whether I refer you or not. And I'll friend everyone back regardless.

ETA: Wait, I tell you what--I'll screen comments on this entry and you can leave your email here, and I'll unscreen any comment that doesn't have an email in it if you want to just comment normally.

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