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A few quick things

First things first: Super Bowl movie commercials that have already leaked:

NBC will stream commercials as they air.

Updated: Watch the 2009 Super Bowl Movie Trailers. Specifically:

'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' and 'Star Trek' Super Bowl Spots Online.

‘G.I. Joe’ Super Bowl Spot Revealed! Check Out Snake Eyes In Action.

First Look at the 'Land of the Lost' Super Bowl TV Spot!

The Fast & Furious (Super Bowl Spot).

And thus ends my involvement with anything having to do with the Super Bowl. Call me if they get Prince to come back.

Re: MyLeaky: The "favorite ship" question has been fixed so you can, in fact, input an answer, and they have a place for you to describe what kind of wand you want to have. I am so lame that I have an actual holly wand from Alivan's, but in trying to decide what I wanted to put on my profile, I browsed a couple of their wand sections (click on a particular wand, and it'll include a description of the wood). I mention this because I also found a wand wood guide and a wand core guide on another site, but that list didn't include almond, which I almost chose instead of holly. But the Wizard Wands site does discuss associated elements (fire, earth, etc.), which is something you might want to consider when deciding on your wand. So I nearly, nearly decided on almond with a unicorn core, but ended up with holly and dragon heartstring--actually, I had holly and phoenix at first, but then I went, "Oh, shit, that's exactly what Harry has, that's no fun."

Imaginary wands: srs bsns.

Re: Kylie videos: I went poking around YouTube and found a few other things. Such as this live performance of "In Your Eyes" (my other favorite Kylie song) on the Showgirl tour. This is definitely a woman who knows her audience, let me just put it that way.

I can't find the video in any kind of quality worth a damn, but here's the official "In Your Eyes" video. It is also pretty trippy, although I can't decide if it would be more or less trippy if I could actually see what was going on.

Back to "Love at First Sight," here's a slightly different, American version of the video. "You know what the Americans would love? AN AIRPLANE."

And here's "Come Into My World," which several people expressed a fondness for.

Meanwhile, cleojones brings us Swing Out Sister's "Break Out." Hee.

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