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The linkspam is medium-sized today, which is good because I feel weirdly tired. Again.

Comic-Con! From which my sister emailed a picture of Edward Dollen! (foresthouse also texted a pic of both the Dollens, although my failsauce phone promptly ate it. She did add, however, that "the hair is on high alert.") And then my sister reported, "Also they are knighting Jedi." I don't know if she means that the Dollens were knighting Jedi or... what.

MOAR! A Sneak Preview of Pixar's Up, which will be shown again to the public tomorrow night; Nerd Alert: The New York Comic Con (a photo gallery mostly of babes); The Ten Most Expensive Comic Books at New York Comic Con.

Today's Snack Deathmatch: Sun Chips vs. Pirate's Booty.

Christian Bale apologizes, says "Feel free to make fun of me at my expense; I deserve it completely"! The internet will be happy to take you up on this, I am sure! Actor Bale: 'I acted like a punk'; A Repentant Christian Bale Asks: 'Have You Ever Had a Bad Day?'; Why Do We Tolerate Men Who Throw Tantrums? Because we're afraid that if we stand up to them, everyone else will just brush us aside and we'll get yelled at more? "It's always like that around here"? "That's just how the world works"? I don't know, you tell me.

Why we fall victim to Facebook fads; Have You Heard of This Facebook '25 Things' Thing? [Trendwatch], or, how suddenly every media outlet is posting articles to the effect of, "WHAT'S WITH THESE KIDS AND THEIR MYFACES AND THEIR 25 THINGS?!"

How A Barbie Doll Is Made.

Writer, Artist Found for King's 'Talisman' comic.

'Lost': New Jack-Kate portraits!; Consider This Your Giant, Missing 'Spoiler Alert' For EW's 'Lost' Cover Story.

True Blood cast members out and about.

'Twilight' for television: The CW orders pilot for 'Vampire Diaries.' You guys, I am really concerned that by the time I get my own book finished, there will be no room left in the cultural landscape.

Remodeled 'Melrose Place' Prepares To Move In New Cast [The End Of Ideas].

'A Nucular Hit': Will Ferrell's 'W' Review Round-Up.

Universal Walks Away From DreamWorks Deal; L.A. Dispatch: DreamWorks in Talks to Move to Disney; If Steven Spielberg Can't Make It in Hollywood These Days, No One Can.

Baz, Judd and Bennett Bringing Original Shorts to the 2009 Oscars.

Images: First Look: Michael Caine in Daniel Barber's 'Harry Brown'; First Look at Milla Jovovich in 'The 4th Kind.'

Trailers and clips: First Trailer and Review for Emily Blunt’s ‘Young Victoria’; Exclusive 'Phoebe in Wonderland' Clip; Restricted 'Observe and Report' Trailer Hits; Worth Watching - Giant Bug Movie 'Infestation' Trailer.

Read all of 'Coraline'; Pics from the 'Coraline' red carpet; Exclusive video: The creators of 'Coraline'; A Look at Coraline Bendy Dolls from NECA; Coraline PVC Sets from NECA; Coraline box 42/50 finally reaches Boing Boing (here's mine, #33, to catch you up). And more reviews: ‘Coraline’ is a creepy new classic; 'Coraline': A Freudian Fairy Tale That's Not Just For Kids; 'Coraline' Brings Back The Scary Fairy Tale. Seriously, you guys, go see it if you can. I'm going sometime this weekend, I'm not sure which day. Do it for Unca Neil!

Harry Potter Set at Leavesden Open Again After Stunt Accident; 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow's to Begin Filming in Two Weeks.

(Related: Rupert Grint / Cherrybomb News.)

Watchmen Video Journal: Rorschach's Mask.

Dress Your Entire Family In Post-Apocalyptic Dancewear [Terminator Salvation]

Is Batman the New Harry Potter?; Poll: How Many Batman Movies Should They Make?

'Mary, Mother of Christ' cast includes Camilla Belle, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Peter O'Toole, Al Pacino and Jessica Lange. Well... then.

Brad Bird Updates ‘1906’ And ‘Toy Story 3.’

Hudson, Koteas, Pullman and Beatty Join 'The Killer Inside Me.'

Orlando Bloom Heads To The Future For Sci-Fi ‘The Cross’; Andrew Niccol's Next Project Will Blow My Mind.

Aniston and Bateman Join 'The Baster.' Sigh.

ETA: Aaaaand people in the comments are already coming back from Coraline and loving it. I'm just telling you.

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