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Listening to the ROTK soundtrack clips, which are gorgeous. Can't stop listening to #3 and #4 (I totally did this last year with the TTT clips. So pitiful). I just struck it from my birthday list (12/14--25 years old, yo) and pre-ordered it from Amazon, because I have to have it, I can't wait.

Oh, and Vladimir sent me a couple of TTT EE pictures:

Eowyn can't cook for shit

A staple of every bastion of evil (flick...ahh)

Another headache. Ow. Oh, and it looks like from the syllabus, which has the coursework but not the dates (!) that I do have a Heaney paper tomorrow. Fortunately, it's just a little "explain this poem" two-pager, but... I don't know which poems we're supposed to choose from. (I was sick on Monday, remember?) I'll just have to bite the bullet and email Dr. Quinlan and find out.
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