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Playing catchup. Again

Back that way: Iorek finally gets his skyfoil (with pictures!); the Faramirs read Twilight; Valentine's plans are made.

I'm behind on the Snack Deathmatch! Today: Apple pie vs. peach pie.

I am behind on so, so much, actually. Particularly the linkspam. And discussing the bush fires (which we will get to in greater length this weekend. Again: The Red Cross). I spent much of the day sneezing, strangely. And I'm an hour late on getting dinner because I passed out napwise from five to seven. So I'm not feeling so much with the good right now, I guess.

30-year-old seen for first time in 3,000 years.

U2 to spend a week with David Letterman.

Harlequin Offers Free eBook for Valentine’s Day Weekend.

Book a literary-lovers room at Nora Roberts' romantic inn.

Michael Emerson (Lost's Ben) being awesome in an interview.
You have an interest in comedy, yet keep getting pegged as these villainous characters. On what kind of sitcom would you like to guest star?

I think Ben and John Locke [from Lost] should be roommates in Brooklyn. And then just have wacky adventures.

Tim Gunn To Make It Work At The Oscars. YAY!

Peter Gabriel Refuses to Sing Butchered 'WALL-E' Song at Oscars. ... Oh dear.

Images: Two New Posters Remind Us We're Not Watching 'Franklyn'; From 'Scott Pilgrim': Knives and Flowers; Inglourious Basterds (2009); New 'Mutant Chronicles' Pics; 'Angels & Demons' Pics; Hayek fires up for 'Cirque du Freak' with facial hair; New 'Street Fighter' Pics; Exclusive 'Fast & Furious' Pics; Poster Debut for Edgar Allan Poe's 'Ligeia'; Exclusive: 'Lesbian Vampire Killers' Poster.

Trailers and clips: Pirated 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' Trailer Very Explodey [Defamer First Look]; Must Watch: First 'The Taking of Pelham 123' Trailer; EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Emily Blunt In The Dark Comedy ‘Sunshine Cleaning’; TEASER: 'The People vs George Lucas'; New 'Little Ashes' clip; EXCLUSIVE: Head To Cheerleading Camp With The Guys From ‘Fired Up’; Int'l 'Blood: The Last Vampire' Teaser Trailer

Phoenix sets out on 'internal exploration' with music; Career Suicide Caps Joaquin Phoenix's 'Late Show' Stupid Human Tricks [Meltdowns]; Joaquin Phoenix Is Both Deeply Disturbed and Faking It; 'Two Lovers' Director Baffled By Joaquin; ‘Two Lovers’ Director James Gray Talks About Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Career; Alec Baldwin Mocks Joaquin Phoenix [Clips]; 'Two Lovers' shares an achingly sad tale.

'The International' banks on style, Clive Owen's star power; Review: 'The International' needs more thrills; Don’t bank on ‘The International’ ("There’s an extraordinary shoot-out at the Guggenheim Museum coming to theaters this week; unfortunately, you have to sit through 'The International' to see it"); Interview: 'The International' Director Tom Tykwer; Exclusive: 'The International' Video Interviews.

Finally—a follow-up worthy of the name 'Friday the 13th.'

Exclusive ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ Clip: Isla Fisher Gets Down To Pussycat Dolls; Review: Fisher is dazzling in 'Shopaholic'; Confessions Of A Shopaholic: "The Most Ill-Timed And Appallingly Insulting Movie In Recent Memory" [Critical Mass].

A gazillion, giant new Hi-Def Watchmen photos; EXCLUSIVE: Watch The ‘Watchmen: Tales Of The Black Freighter’ Trailer Here!; Waste Time with the 'Watchmen' Minutemen Game.

(Related: Matthew Goode Joins Amy Adams in 'Leap Year.')

Character of Reg Cattermole Cast for "Deathly Hallows"; Super hi-res magazine scans; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Claymation.

New 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Photos and Footage Debut; Wait, Was That Cyclops in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'?!; New picture of Taylor Kitsch as Gambit; See Wolverine Early, By Suffering Through American Idol.

Ledger fans demand Joker be retired; Discuss: When Do You Recast a Character?

'Twilight': First peek at Catherine Hardwicke 'Director's Notebook.' THAT'S ENOUGH, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Or, as my mother put it, "You got Twilight in the mail again!" The 'Director's Notebook' preview does seem to be worth it, if only to find out that they originally wanted Edward to have long hair, and got as far as extensions before Robert Pattinson demanded they be pulled out (callie: "He looks like a Thundercat!").

(Related: Toys That Made Us Uncomfortable At NYCC. And guess who's there, amid the pictures of the scary anime bikini statues?)

Mattel is Master Toy Licensee for Cameron's 'Avatar.'

Coraline Nike Dunks: The Movie Contest and Promotion So Far.

Finally, Your Chance To Show JJ Abrams Up [Star Trek]: "Trek licensors CBS Consumer Products have allowed website Go! to offer users the chance to create their own Star Trek animations, using pre-existing overly-cute versions of the familiar characters."

Gwyneth hasn’t seen ‘Iron Man 2’ script yet; Scarlett Johansson to Replace Emily Blunt as Black Widow in Iron Man 2? DOWNGRADE.

The Parsifal Mosaic Not the Fourth Bourne?

Curtis Hanson in negotiations to direct 'Gemini Man.'

Sam Mendes Gets 'Lost in Austen.'

Early reviews of 'Public Enemies.'

Keri Russell Joins Untitled Crowley Project.

Oliver Stone Drops Out Of ‘Wall Street’ Sequel, Still Hopes To Visit ‘Pinkville.’

Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman Pick Up ‘The Adventurer’s Handbook’; Jonah Hill script sells for seven figures to Universal.

'Teen Spirit' director Samuel Bayer to helm new 'Nightmare On Elm Street'; Lindsay Lohan will NOT be in 'Nightmare on Elm Street.' And apparently Jackie Earle Haley isn't Freddy Krueger either, although I could definitely get behind that.

First Look at 'Fame,' 'Jennifer's Body'; On the set of Fame! '09.

Two Nights with the Girls of 'Sorority Row.' I pulled this headline for the sole excuse of being able to tell you about one of my favorite video boxes back when I worked at Movie Gallery (good Lord, ten years ago now). I had two favorites in the "Mature" section (The Sex O'Clock News and Thar She Blows) and one particular favorite in the horror section, and it was Sorority House Massacre 2, which bore the magnificent tag line, "It's Cleavage Vs. Cleavers And The Result Is Delta Delta Deadly!" Trufax.

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