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Just a touch of linkspam before I pass out again

Sixth Annual Valentine Fairy Deputization! I'm just going to link to last year's because homg, I am sick. I woke up with a cough and then wrestled with an extremely unhappy stomach for most of the morning. So... not doing so good. You may not hear much from me today, I don't know. It'll depend. If anything important happens (cough), you'll hear about it by tomorrow at the latest.

(Related reminder: The Eowyn (Not Eowyn) and book auction ends tomorrow.)

I will, however, show you my favorite valentine-themed earrings. I think I've had them since high school at least, if not middle school. Each one has a pink stone and a white/iridescent stone, and the hearts are tiny lockets.

Snack Deathmatch: Hob Nobs vs. Tim Tams.

Zing, Zing, Zing Went My Heartstring:
For the first time in recorded history, a cat has left its owner a surprise on the floor that didn't require paper towels to clean up. Meet "Tux," who gave her owner Mandy A. a string in the shape of a heart. It's the Valentines Day gift that says "I love you... and I'm into rope."
Want a rose for Valentine's Day? Turn in a gun. "Anyone who turns in a gun gets a free rose and an electronics store gift card. A handgun gets a $100 gift card, while a rifle or shotgun nets a $50 gift card."

Forget love, 'Hex your ex' on Valentine's Day.

Doctor Who, I Love You! [Valentine's Day In Space].

The Star Trek-inspired corset.

Clive Owen on The View promoting 'The International.' Or, as Defamer puts it, Ever See What Happens When You Throw a Whole Roasted Chicken Inside a Crowded Pitbull Kennel?

New Footage of Half-Blood Prince Due on MTV Later this Month?; Robert Hardy on his Former Role as Cornelius Fudge; "Defiance" DoP Eduardo Serra to Shoot "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

The 5 most annoying literary romances...and the 5 most romantic ones. Why this is controversial: Harry and Ginny are included as "most romantic" (Harmonians ahoy!); Edward and Bella aren't included as anything, because "I find that the love-at-first-sight thing, as well as the you-are-my-only-love-thing-but-Jacob's-pretty-great-too thing prevented me from considering them as an inspiring romance; additionally, I've reacted much worse to too many other literary couples to place them on the most annoying list."

Meanwhile, Twilight will have "a presence," "on more than one occasion," at the Oscars. I'm just scared as to how this might manifest. Two words for you: Phake Phantom. Also: The Twilight Ninja?

'Iron Man 2': Emily Blunt still in?; Eliza Dushku Wants To Bite Your Head Off [Iron Man 2].

First Funny 'I Love You, Beth Cooper' Trailer Hits.

Amy Adams shows a new side in ‘Museum 2.’ The tight-panted side, apparently: "It’s going to be an Amy Adams butt show."

Prince's Oscars after-party: You're so not invited. I just tried to imagine what Valentine's Day with Prince would be like, and it kind of blew my mind.

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