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Just a touch of linkspam before I pass out again

Sixth Annual Valentine Fairy Deputization! I'm just going to link to last year's because homg, I am sick. I woke up with a cough and then wrestled with an extremely unhappy stomach for most of the morning. So... not doing so good. You may not hear much from me today, I don't know. It'll depend. If anything important happens (cough), you'll hear about it by tomorrow at the latest.

(Related reminder: The Eowyn (Not Eowyn) and book auction ends tomorrow.)

I will, however, show you my favorite valentine-themed earrings. I think I've had them since high school at least, if not middle school. Each one has a pink stone and a white/iridescent stone, and the hearts are tiny lockets.

It's the Valentine's Day gift that says I love you... and I'm into ropeCollapse )

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