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Music question

All right, I'm coming out of hibernation after about five years in a musical cocoon. Listening to KLEO I've discovered I really like Air. I seem to be getting a lot of French pop/electronica as well, which is good. Any recommendations for people with a similar sound I can add to my station?

Oh, and Brassy--Vladimir and I listened to my station so much that we used up all my non-paying user time (what? I don't know, either), and so I can still listen to it, but he can't, so he moved on to your station, and he likes it a lot. In fact, I think you just poached my one listener. ;)

In more mundane news, Sister Girl made a Bing cherry and almond-biscotti-crust cheesecake (I told y'all she's going into the Culinard, right?), and we all ate so much for lunch that I was useless the entire afternoon. So much for getting Black Ribbon or my Fairwood chapters done. And there's still strawberry shortcake to come.


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