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More pictures of Alice Dollen! She is, in fact, wearing slippers, since someone asked. And the date on her card says only "2009," woe.

(OMG YOU GUYS! THE YELLOW BARBIE CORVETTE I HAD AS A KID! omg. We gave all our Barbie stuff away when I was in college and my sister was in her early teens. If I went out and bought another one for Alice, no matter how cheap, thereby bringing MOAR CLUTTER into the house, my mother would kill me.)


Jay-Z on Rihanna: Imagine She's Your Sister or Mom; Chris Brown: Sorry 'for what transpired.' Okay, look. I'm "sorry for what transpired" in Australia. You, Chris Brown, beat on Rihanna. And you beating on Rihanna didn't just happen to blow through like an act of nature. There's a difference.

Georgetown Harrassed By Serial Cuddler. "A full two thirds of the most recent Georgetown University Public Safety Reports have involved an unknown male entering someone’s home and hovering in or around the resident’s bed until being 'asked' to leave." Edward...? Is that you?

Related to Yes, Twilight Would So Be Creepy in Real Life: Though Many Are Stalked, Few Report It.

The Fling Candy Bar: A Pink Sparkly Marketing Mess. I'm sensing a theme today.

(Snack Deathmatch! CUPCAKES VS. BROWNIES.)

Microsoft exec denies knowledge of My Phone rhyming with iPhone.

Facebook’s Users Ask Who Owns Information.

The Genesis of All Tweets.

Michael Jackson Auction Update: Need Some Scissorhands or a Peter Pan Golf Cart? With... pictures. Wow.

We're actually gonna find out what the smoke monster on Lost is!

Editors, Cinematographers and Audio Society All Love ‘Slumdog Millionaire’; Slumdog, Dark Knight & Button Triumph At Arts Design Awards; Stephen Colbert Predicts This Year's Oscars - Do You Agree?

The Reader Is 'Worst Holocaust Film Ever Made'; Kate Winslet's Oscar chances hit by 'The Reader' Nazi accusation.

Images: 'Franklyn' pics; Final Poster for Universal's 'Fast and Furious'; New High Res Photos from Imagi's 'Astro Boy'; 'Haunting,' 'Horsemen' Hi-Res Pics; Closer Look at the Bad Guys from 'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra'; First Look: Jon Foo as Jin Kazama in 'Tekken' Movie.

trailer_spot: Transformers 2, Observe and Report, We Live in Public, Education of Charlie Banks.

First X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV Spot: Outcasts.

UPDATE: Hasbro Unveils G.I. Joe , Transformers & Wolverine Toys.

Fenrir Greyback, the Action Figure; Hagrid's Hut at Harry Potter Theme Park to be "Unoccupied Prop Structure."

Wow - Another Stunning Watchmen TV Spot!; The Watchmen Merchandising Wave Cometh; Fan Made: Watchmen Cupcakes. But are they better than Watchmen brownies?

‘Star Trek’ is Coming to Blu-ray in a Big Way; Star Trek's "Red Shirt" Fragrance Wants You To Smell Like Dead Away Teams.

New viral sites for 2012, Terminator, Dollhouse. (Related: Dollhouse premiere ratings even worse than expected.)

Branagh's Thor Will Be Faithful, Successful, Claims Marvel Chief.

Rumor: Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson for Jonny Quest?

Does Diablo Cody Believe in 'Breathers'?

The Black Goo of Venus Is Eating a Cosmonaut [Found Footage].

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