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Nnnngh. Still tired, mostly from running around all day doing errands. I mean, it's a good tired, but it's on top of the sneezing and the chills, so that's not so good. I did go try to spend my Sephora gift card, though. See, the value of actually going to a Sephora, instead of just ordering online, is that all the color swatches look great on the website, but then you go to the store and everything looks totally different. Not even bad-different, just... in the store, you get a better idea of what you'll actually be putting on. (And of course, there's all kinds of highlighters and luminizers and concealers and liners and it's like, look, what does this actually do? And you try it on the back of your hand because ew public sample germs and you're like... oh. That. Yeah. Well. I'm not spending $30 on that today, thanks.)

So what I really wanted was the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer thing--they have a new version that's a "champagne"-colored shimmer rather than just a plain neutral color, a Sephora exclusive, etc. The good news is, I got to test it; the bad news is, it was roundly sold out. And since it actually can be worn alone as a highlighter, I wasn't going to blow money on the original version.

So then I was like, okay, let me look at the eyeshadows, which for some reason never look as impressive in the containers as on the website, but I'll grab a couple of sample applicators and go to town. So by then a saleswoman--who also happens to specifically be the in-store Urban Decay rep or something?--has cornered me and we're testing various nearly-identical eyeshadows on the back of my hand, and then my mother finishes up her errand at Macy's and comes over and now we're all standing over my hand scrutinizing these three smears of eyeshadow.

We decide unanimously that we like Baked, the one in the middle.

Sephora is fresh out of Baked.

So I ended up going with the shadow that was a little more light peach and a little less gold shimmer because it was called Jones (naturally). What I would really like is a giant palette of all five hundred fifty million colors in tiny, tiny samples so I could spend, like, two months wearing all of them and deciding what I liked best. Or at least put some of the similar colors together as sets! DEAR URBAN DECAY: CONSIDER THIS.

So that's half my gift card. I kept meaning to try Cargo's lip gloss duo in Xai Xai; I need a lip gloss that's kind of peachy. I try some from the sample tin on the back of my hand; good times. Let's get one, shall we?

Sephora is out of Xai Xai. Of course it is.

So I look for the next closest thing; the Naples quad seems kind of peachy. I try a few smears on (and in case you're wondering if my hand looks like a Jackson Pollock painting by now, they do have applicator/makeup remover stations at each shelf), looks good. I get home; I open the tin. The quad's a little more... pink than I had expected. And by "a little" I mean "a lot." Given that I was playing with an actual tin of the stuff in the store, this is a bit odd. (And on the site, it looks orange.) I check the bottom; it is, in fact, a Naples quad. So I have no idea. The colors still look fun; I just can't figure out why my lip gloss keeps spontaneously changing colors.

(Actually, now that I look at the Sephora site, I'm a bit concerned--the Cargo lip gloss was all on sale for $14, and they hardly have anything on the Sephora duo page anymore--are they discontinuing them or something?)

Also, I now feel the need to apologize to all my straight male readers for what may simultaneously have been the girliest and most boring entry ever. You know, like the Oscar liveblogging all tomorrow night won't be bad enough.

A little linkspam to keep us from getting behind:

OSCARS CRISIS! Hollywood Frustrations And Fears Over Sunday's Awards; Stars And Advertisers Give Show Cold Shoulder:
For weeks now, they've been begging myself and the other journalists who cover the Oscars not to trash the planning and performances for this year's telecast like we have in years past. Because their frustration and fear is that, if Sunday's top-to-bottom reworked show can't bring back viewers after 2008's sunk to its lowest ratings ever, then nothing will. And the worst part is that not even Hollywood wants to participate in the Oscars anymore.
And then, among discussion of the desperate measures taken to spice up the show, there's this:
One new idea thought up by the producers that will be seen Sunday? Trophy boys. The result is that very handsome young men will now join very beautiful young women on stage carrying out the Oscar statuettes. If that's not an acknowledgement that the viewership for the Academy Awards these days is limited to only females and gays, I don't know what is.

The Oscar 11: Team aims to revive awards' telecast; I’m with the band! Oscars stage design revealed.

Jackman ready to be 'drunk, nude' for Oscars; VIDEO: Hugh Jackman's Oscars Rehearsal; Gervais Helps Jackman To Crack A Smile At The Oscars; Hugh Jackman's Jokes & Other Oscar Secrets.

Oscars leaked Y/N? Academy says no.

M.I.A. Determined To Sing At Oscars - Even As A Hologram.

Producers Power Down The Oscar Grieve-O-Meter. Ah, the Death March of Deathly Death, yes.

The Dark Knight Breaks the $1 Billion Mark. The Dark Knight. Which is not nominated for best picture or best director. Even though it would not have been out of place. In a year where the organizers are desperately trying to reel in viewers. I'm just saying, Academy: it's not like it was Transformers or something.

2009 Independent Spirit Awards Winners.

'Twilight' exclusive: Chris Weitz will not direct third film, 'Eclipse.' Why? Because 'Eclipse' to Premiere June 30, 2010, and he's still going to be doing post-production on 'New Moon' when they're doing pre-production on 'Eclipse." Because these people are insane. And, in case you missed it the other day, 'Twilight'-Pandering MTV Desperately Attempts To Wring Paragraphs Out Of 'New Moon' Logo. "We can't wait for a slew of 'slow news day' mockups bearing the headline, 'Twilight Exclusive: What If We Wrote The Word "Eclipse" In Purple?' " Also: What last week's EW cover should have looked like.

MTV Half-Blood Prince Set Visit Footage Released Early; Exclusive: Head To Hogwarts With Our ‘Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince’ Set Visit!

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - new poster, including tiny glimpses of Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law, who collectively took over for Heath Ledger.

Deadpool Figure! Thor's Resume! Dollhouse Clip! Lost Dirt! Terminator Dirtnap! [Morning Spoilers].

Want Coraline's Star-Spangled Sweater? [DIY]

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