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Once again, I am having trouble with my internet connection. If I don't show up for the Oscar live-blogging, show up late, or disappear in the middle of it, that will be why. And I'm telling you now because... obviously, I will have no way of telling you when it happens.

Now, ABC's schedule for tonight (all times Central Standard), as far as I can tell, is the Barbara Walters Special at 6 pm ("Academy Award nominees Anne Hathaway and Mickey Rourke, 2009 Academy Awards host Hugh Jackman and the Jonas Brothers are the guests on Barbara Walters 28th annual Oscar-night interview show"), the red carpet at 7 pm (is Tim Gunn hosting this? He's involved somewhere in some capacity?), and the show itself at 7:30. No one has any idea how long the show will run, although it has optimistically been scheduled to end at 10 pm and will probably end before 10:30, given how hellbent the producers are to cut time.

(I'm sure there will be red carpet shenanigans on E! for hours before anyone even shows up, but quite frankly, my mother and my aunt are having a belated birthday lunch today, and also, I'm probably going to end up liveblogging for at least four hours straight, so I really don't care. You can watch Seacrest desperately try to sneak up on Brangelina, but I'm good, thanks.)

(Oscar show secrets! The stage is gonna look like a nightclub! The awards will be presented "as a narrative" [wha?]! "And at least some of the presenters who'd been lined up have backed out, emboldened by the anonymity they were afforded by the producers." O SNAP.)

Meanwhile, as a follow-up to last night's cosmetic musings, I discovered that the pictures on the actual Urban Decay site are a lot closer to the eyeshadow as it appeared in the store samples. I really want to try Asphyxia, X, Shotgun, Kiss, Shattered and Edward Stalker now.

Oh, and I got an email to the effect that the Twilight Tonners are available to ship. I don't have $250 to blow right now, though (and if I didn't get the Bella, you know we'd never hear the end of it), so Serafina Pekkadoll's going to be my priority because SERAFINA OMG, and if the Twilights sell out or fall into the clutches of the asshat resellers, of which I am one, well, that's the way the vampire sparkles. Or something.

ETA, 7:08 pm: Okay, I'm not going to hit post until the ABC red carpet's over, but I am here and getting down to business.

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