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Running a bit behind today

Trufax: I was talking to my sister's boyfriend--we really need to come up with a code name for him, Sister Girl and I decided, but we don't know what yet--on Sunday and he mentioned the Twilight Tonner dolls. Apparently when I was all like YOU GUYS GO TO THE TONNER NYCC BOOTH AND JUST, LIKE... LOOK AT THEM OR SOMETHING FOR ME earlier this month, he did, and he was like, "Who's in charge here? Can we buy 400 of those for our stores?" And the Tonner people were like, "Uh... YES." Apparently it had never occurred to anyone to sell actual dolls at bookstores, even though their rival Borders has been selling the action figures and all the Hot Topic crap. So, uh... if you happen to be at a Books-a-Million and you see the Tonners there as an in-store exclusive, that's... kind of because one of their buyers has a not-quite sister-in-law who's a Crazy Doll Lady. *cough* I mean, I asked Sister Girl, and she said, "No, it totally would have been because of you, that's how he would have heard about the dolls in the first place," although of course he was the one smart enough to actually come up with the idea and get them for the stores.

And the other thing is... I don't have anything solid enough to repeat on this, but they might give Books-a-Million some kind of holiday exclusive, I don't know. It might simply be that Tonner's going to put out more stuff for the holidays, as they do, and Books-a-Million will be the only bookstore selling it, who knows.

Meanwhile, I am TIRED of this head cold. It's just bad enough to make me feel groggy and snerfy, but not bad enough to GET ON WITH IT.

Also: Remind me to tell you about the Bowl of Galadriel. Again. Uh... tomorrow. Like I said: I'm a bit behind.


Congress honors late actor Paul Newman.

Forrest Ackerman Tribute in Hollywood.

Liz Smith out at the NY Post.

Why you should be reading Stephen Fry's Twitter feed: "Director just casually dropped a bombshell. I have to ride a mule tomorrow. A thousand boiling arses. Two hours up a mountain. Buttery fuck."

Mumbai slums celebrate Oscar win for 'Millionaire'; ‘Slumdog’ kids meet Mickey at Disneyland; Vanity Fair Oscar Party Obliterates Competition [Gossip Roundup] ("Elton John went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. It's not clear if he also attended the Elton John Oscar party"); Did India's TV Censors De-Gay Dustin Lance Black's Acceptance Speech?; Oscar's Biggest Snub: Not Honoring Don LaFontaine; Eartha Kitt's P.R. asks fans to help him in his fight against The Oscars.

Images: Exclusive 'Knowing' Photos; Set pics of Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis in 'Nine'; Katie Holmes and Paul Dano on the set of 'Extra Man'; Exclusive Photos: Thomas Jane, John Malkovich In ‘Mutant Chronicles’; Hi-Res 'Outlander' Photo Gallery!; 'Rec 2' Images Now Online; The Horsemen (2009); The Young Victoria (2009) (my guess at this point is that this is your 2010 Best Costume winner); Take A Spin In Piccolo's Power-Recliner, In New Dragonball Pics.

Trailers and clips: Watch Now: Amenabar’s ‘Agora’ International Teaser Trailer; Worth Watching - Feb 22: 'Flame and Citron' Trailer; New 'Crank 2' Trailer Seems Feasible Except This One Thing; Mel Gibson Redeems Self with Trailer for 'The Colonel'; New 'Mutant Chronicles' Trailer Online; Ferrell vs. Mosquito in 'Land of the Lost' Clip!; 'Tokyo!' Clips: Milky-Eyed Sewer Men, Domesticity, Plant Overgrowth; 'S. Darko' Trailer Causes More Fear Than Love.

trailer_spot: Funny People, In the Electric Mist, Sleep Dealer, Lorna's Silence, Eleven Minutes.

WB Sets Lots of New Release Dates! "The biggest one is the finale to J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series with 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II' scheduled to hit theaters on July 15, 2011, roughly eight months after Part I ." 'Sherlock Holmes,' meanwhile, will open on Christmas Day.

Rumor Alert: Possible Location Shoots for Deathly Hallows Near Leavesden; New Half-Blood Prince Video of Inferi, Death Eater Attack on Burrow, Hermione Setting Birds on Ron and More; Nick Moran playing a villain? "But the film baddie, 40, says he's not too happy about the location of the new blockbuster, which will reportedly take place in glamorous Watford."

‘Watchmen’ premieres, early reviews mixed; Ridiculously Handsome Men At Watchmen UK Premiere; Review: Watchmen's faithful film adaptation may prove that Alan Moore was right after all; 10 REASONS YOU SHOULD SEE WATCHMEN (spoilers. Also, much love for Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach); An Intimate Moment Inside The Mind Of Rorschach [Watchmen]; Watchmen's Steamy Sex Scenes Are High-Five Worthy; Interview: The Man Behind Watchmen - Zack Snyder; Watchmen: The Costumes; Why you should care about the Watchmen companion DVDs; What Happens If Watchmen Flops?; Nite Owl Dark Roast coffee.

(Related: Amanda Seyfried in Snyder's 'Sucker Punch'?)

Take The Bridge Of The Enterprise In New ‘Star Trek’ Featurette; Wil Wheaton Offers Reaction To ‘Spoilers’ ‘Star Trek’ Footage: ‘Relax, People’; New York Toy Fair: The 10 cool Star Trek collectibles you must have!; The best fan art of the new Enterprise from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek.

Ashley Greene from 'Twilight' on ‘New Moon’ Script (Ashley Greene is Alice and Alice is awesome. Now you know); Vanessa Hudgens Still Holds Out Hope For Leah Clearwater In ‘New Moon,’ Zac Efron dies a little more inside; Stephenie Meyer is in Vogue, Twilight's Stephenie Meyer Admits Her Writing Sorta Sucks [Bloody Hell]; Tour of Terror: Tokyo; The Bagger in L.A.: Kiss of the Vampire; MTV Interviews Robert Pattinson on the Oscar Red Carpet (wow, they let MTV onto the premises? Also: Well, he knows the movie's coming out in June NOW); KStew Failure to Turn up to the Oscars Uncovered; ‘Twilight’ stars didn't take a bite out of romance; Twilight the Board Game. Also, apparently there was a convention a few days ago, and someone asked for Peter Facinelli's gum. And he gave it to them.

(Related: Catherine Hardwicke Adapting Gayle Forman's 'If I Stay'; Catherine Hardwicke to Work With Summit Again. Interesting.)

Michel Gondry to Direct 'Green Hornet'! Say what?

Dawn Treader Another Step Closer to Filming in Australia?

Iron Man Update: Emily Blunt will not be playing the Black Widow; Iron Man 2: It's The Alcoholic Iron Man Story!; What Is Happening To Iron Man 2?

As ‘Imaginarium’ Stalls, When Will Audiences See Heath Ledger’s Final Film?

(Related: Customized Lego Jokers from The Dark Knight. The Nurse Joker is genius.)

Roger Ebert Incurs Star Wars Fans' Wrath [Nerd Fight].

Liman, Watts and (maybe) Penn are 'Fair Game.'

'Push' Shoved; 'Precious' is the New Title for Sundance Smash.

Steven Spielberg denies rumors that his Lincoln project has been shelved.

Guillermo Del Toro Hopes To Visit ‘Count Of Monte Cristo’ With ‘Gothic-Western’ Twist.

‘Mamma Mia’ May Sing Again For Sequel, Says Dominic Cooper.

Naomi Watts Joins Woody Allen's Latest, which already includes Freida Pinto, Josh Brolin and Anthony Hopkins. Speaking of whom:

Anthony Hopkins addicted to American Idol. I also heard something a while back about him playing Guitar Hero. And while we're here, I heard a story once that (allegedly) he would go see Silence of the Lambs in theaters back in the day and tap the person in front of him on the shoulder at some key point and be like, "Hi." And you don't have to call him Sir under pain of death, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE. And that's why I love him.

Pimped-out limited edition R3/Thailand DVD of 'The Duchess.'

Alex Proyas' Tripods movie will be the first of a trilogy of films; 'Dracula Year Zero' could be director Alex Proyas' next film.

Bullied Michael Cera Finally Signs Onto Arrested Development Movie.

'Clueless' sequel in the works; 'Clueless' sequel NOT happening.

Williamson Formulating a New Scream Trilogy.

Murderous Pig People Hate Lil' Romeo [Cult Movie Worship].

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