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A gloomy day

Filthy, nasty, stormy weather today. In yet more evidence that I am wholly solar-powered, I did nothing but curl up in the recliner and watch episodes of A Haunting on the Discovery Channel (the one about Dartford Cemetery was particularly good, if cheesy) and shudder at the mere thought of being a productive member of society.

Also, nothing came for me in the mail today. Sadface.


Snack Deathmatch semifinals! I am very disappointed in the numbers for ice cream sandwiches. (But: REESE'S CUPS ALL THE WAY!)

U2's new 'Horizon': EW review; 'Horizon' evolves with U2's audacity, creativity, innovation.

Depeche Mode adds America to 'Tour of the Universe.'

Final Nebula Awards Ballot Announced!

Wil Wheaton vs. Authors' Guild vs. Kindle; The end of the Audiobook argument.

Well, scans_daily has been suspended.

Is Evangeline Lilly leaving Lost? Not so fast ...

An interview with Tara from 'True Blood.'

Your Ex-Defamer Editors Are Re-Launching Movieline!

Ang Lee To Head Venice Film Jury.

Images: Three new 'Wolverine' pics, New 'Wolverine' Poster For France; Behold - Three New Character Posters for Pixar's Up!; First Look: Denzel Washington in 'The Book of Eli'; New 'Terminator Salvation' Promo Image; Beautiful New Poster for John Woo's 'Red Cliff'; A new poster for 'Duplicity'; Check This Out: Rick Baker's Concept Art for Wolf Man; Check These Out: Creepy, Awesome Photos from 'Splice' (AHHHHHHHH); First Photo From Rob Zombie's H2; poster unveiled for film 'Every Little Step'; More Confusing 'Scott Pilgrim' Photos from Edgar Wright.

Trailers and clips: Domestic Trailer for Steve McQueen’s ‘Hunger’ Arrives (see also: Exclusive: 'Hunger' Poster Premiere); 'Franklyn' Exclusive Clip; 'Adventureland' Red Band Trailer hits the tubes; Exclusive: We Scare Up A New ‘Last House On The Left’ Clip, Two New TV Spots For 'The Last House On The Left'; I Will Not Last '12 Rounds' with This Movie; Another 'Big Man Japan' Trailer.

trailer_spot: Agora, Edge of Love, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Explicit Ills, Franklyn.

Filming the unfilmable 'Watchmen'; How 9/11 Changed Watchmen; Explore ‘The Science of Watchmen’; Who Scrapbooks the Watchmen?, or, WB's Publicity Department Is the Best Place to Work EVER. It's full of "fake magazine ads, newspaper clippings, auction listings, and anything else Warner Bros. graphic design interns could think of making. There's enough realistic promotional material now that, after humans destroy each other, future alien anthropologists are going to have a hell of a time differentiating fact from Watchmen once they get the internet booted back up." Meanwhile: Is Watchmen Review-Proof? Well, it might need to be, because 'Watchmen': The early reviews are in; Hollywood Reporter rips into Watchmen; Watchmen UK Review; Variety Reviews Watchmen + A Few Munich Photocall Pictures.

Viral Recap: The Dark Knight's Why So Serious Campaign.

Enter The World Of ‘Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince’; High Definition Links to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince First Look Feature; New Poll, New Concept Art of Dervish and Banges at Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Michael Petroni Takes Over 'Dawn Treader' Script.

Drew Barrymore To Direct Third ‘Twilight’ Film, ‘Eclipse’? That would be... interesting. Also: Kristen Stewart fan backlash; Dakota Fanning: More of a Done Deal?; Canadian Actor Bronson Pelletier Lands ‘New Moon’ Role; The New J.K. Rowling Invades Canada. Meanwhile, Tour of Terror '09: Tokyo: Black Is The New Black At ‘Twilight’ Event In Japan: Red Carpet Recap; The Toyko Tour: Autograph Signing; Twilight Japan Tour Press Conference; Karaoke night with Robert Pattinson, Hugh Jackman and Baz Luhrmann. God almighty, Hugh Jackman would make for the most intimidating night of karaoke ever.

The Jonas Brothers Are ‘Burnin’ Up’ The Stage In New Movie Clip; ‘Jonas Brothers’ can’t nail that third dimension; Jonas Brothers: Enough with the boots, okay?

'Hellraiser' Remake Update, Pinhead Design Reaction; Children of the Corn's hot Kandyse McClure will make you forget Dualla; Will We Really See Bryan Singer's Logan's Run Remake?; ‘Karate Kid’ Ralph Macchio Unsure About Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi; Does Gore Verbinski Have a 'Clue'?; 'Orphanage' Remake May Go This Year; Remake of the Day #1: ‘Arthur’; Remake of the Day #2: ‘Total Recall’; Remake of the Day #3: ‘The NeverEnding Story.’ Okay. Before we have riots and panic in the streets, let me ask you this: have you ever READ The Neverending Story? Because they changed a lot from the book (for starters: Atreyu was green) and left a lot out. Now, the original is one of my favorite childhood movies. I'm just saying: if they're going back to the book, they have a lot to work with, and it'll be a completely different movie that will have a reason to be made. So everyone chill.

The rest of 'em? Yeah, they're fucked.

Has Pixar Finally Decided to Make Monsters Inc 2?! Well, maybe not that one.

Antonio Banderas Also Joins Woody Allen's Latest. It might be more productive at this point to start listing people who aren't in Woody Allen's latest.

Who Won't Be Green Lantern? See, this is what I'm talking about.

Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal Singing in 'Damn Yankees.'

Bill Condon shopping Richard Pryor biopic, with Eddie Murphy attached.

Ferrell and Wahlberg Join Forces in ‘The B Team.’

'Godkiller' comic being adapted as "illustrated film."

Brett Ratner Opens Up On ‘Conan’ Casting, Wants Unknown.

Eric Brevig Tapped to Helm ‘Yogi Bear’ Adaptation.

Somebody Misread The Manual On How To Have Cyber-Sex [Found Footage].

And now, off to forage for dinner.

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