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You guys, I don't think I've ever seen it snow this hard in my life. (I mean, maybe it has overnight when I wasn't looking. We did have WINTER STORM '93, after all.) It's snowing harder now than it was this morning, and the temperature's actually inching down.

Anyway, I decided to take some more pictures, to show you how much has fallen since that first one. Most of them were taken through windows, although I finally went and stood on the front doorstep (barefoot. I are smrt) and took a number of yard and street. I've dumped all of them into my Flickr account (no matter how redundant), so you can browse the "snow" tag if you want. These are just the good ("good") ones.

Taken through my attic window (the front of the house). That's the roof taking up the right side there. The first one was taken a little before 7 am; the second was taken a little before 11 am.

Remember that picture on the left? That's from this morning. Here's the same shot three or four hours later. (The third picture is me forgetting to raise the blinds first like a dumbass. I kind of liked the effect, though.)

From the front porch. First picture is our ornamental cherry tree; second picture is a tree in our neighbor's yard. The trimmed-down tree in both pictures--it's the same tree--is a crape myrtle (it regrows to full height every year). The bushes separating the yards are juniper.

The second picture is probably my favorite out of the whole batch.

Someone stopped by the house while I was taking pictures. That's another crape myrtle there on the left, with the same cherry tree there in the second picture.

Our tiny backyard, taken from the kitchen window (the blinds are fixed in place between two layers of glass, so they couldn't be raised). The foliage on top of the fence is the jasmine. The camellias I shot last month are there on the left inside the fence. That's another trimmed-down crape myrtle in the far corner. And then, the second picture is another kitchen window job, of the bushes over the driveway.

Our deck, taken through a window in the den; the trees behind the house, further along the deck, taken through the kitchen window.

We have two matching dog statues on our porch. Strangely, they look a lot like my sister's dog Pete.

Meanwhile, Actual Dog does not like to have her picture taken.

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