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My computer is sick so I'm on the computer downstairs for a few minutes and it doesn't have any of my settings or programs on it and it's teeming with spyware and trojans (note to parents: spyware removal programs don't do any good IF YOU DON'T USE THEM) and my jaw hurts again I guess because I'm clenching it which you can't really blame me for considering that my computer is sick and I'm using another with none of my stuff on it and my life is SO HARD in a spoiled surburbanite way.

(This means, by the way, that linkspam will be drastically reduced. I'll try to check up on things and post anything really important--so do keep visiting; I'll try to make it worth your while--but I hate spending massive amounts of time at someone else's computer with someone else's settings and in someone else's chair. So I'm going to spend my time doing other things away from desks, quite honestly. Also, if you email/message me about something right now, I very likely will not get it, or at least not in a timely fashion. Try to hold off on that [i.e., no linkspam suggestions] unless it's really important.)

(In fact, you know what? This is a situation that FriendFeed was made for. Check there for the majority of news links, but I'll still come back here and post the most important things. That'll at least allow me to keep up with things for a while.)

(Also, the Sekrit Package has not arrived yet--still!--but if it does, I'm going to have a hell of a time whipping up the requisite childishly simple Secret Life graphics on someone else's computer.)

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