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Return of linkspam!

I'm starting to think my constant snivellous snerf is allergies rather than some kind of cold, because it's a persistent, low-grade annoyance. Fnarr.

Meanwhile, the fan failure issue seemed to have been fixed by pulling clots of dust out of the back of the CPU; the system battery's still an issue, but I've talked to a few people, and apparently it's going to involve me going to Wal-Mart and buying a CMOS battery the size of a dime, no big hassle. So I'm working on the computer downstairs during the day to buy a little more time until I get out to do errands on Friday, and when I change out the battery, I'll vacuum can-of-air the inside of the CPU.

Also, activities on The Shelf are continuing, but I don't want to burn everyone out on that, so we'll hold off on updates for now. Although if you have icon requests, let me know, because I think I'm going to kill some time doing those tonight.

Made Of Fail - Episode 13: And That's When the Internet Exploded. Unless there's been a change of plans, I'm scheduled to go on their next podcast to discuss Watchmen (THREEPEAT GUEST, WOO!).


U2 kicks off week of performances with David Letterman; New York names street 'U2 Way'; U2 to 'equal Madonna, Stones record'

Prince to release new CD set through Target; Prince to Release Three Album Box Set. Favorite headline: Prince goes to Target: You don't have to be rich to rule his world.

Robert Smith Clarifies His Radiohead Comments.

Compose yourself: Snicket is back with a kids' mystery, CD.

"LOST" behind-the-scenes photos; A Lost Mix Tape, Including Drive Shaft's "You All Everybody."

ABC Cancels 'Life On Mars'!

Will Timeshifting Save Sarah Connor and Dollhouse?

ArtsBeat: Blanchett in Kennedy Center ‘Streetcar.’

Penn to lobby for Harvey Milk Day in California.

Vanity Fair: Not In Favor Of Naked Men [Grin And Bare It].

Woody Allen's New Film to Open 2009 Tribeca Fest; Sam Raimi and Jonathan Demme Join SXSW Line-Up!

Images: First look: 'Salt' gives a grain of truth about Jolie's spy; Poster for Almodovar’s ‘Broken Embraces’; James McAvoy - 'Three Days of Rain' Production Stills; The 'Princess of Mars' That Pixar Won't Show You [Concept Art]; Dreams of Being Totally Ripped Have Never Looked More Somber ('Fighting' poster); New 'Crank 2' Pic; Haunting in Connecticut's Gooey New Poster.

Trailers and clips: Exclusive 'Monsters vs. Aliens' Clip!; Check This Out: Full TV Spot for Alex Proyas' 'Knowing'; Five Clips From 'The Last House On The Left'; Viral 'Lesbian Vampire Killers' Video; Exclusive Clip from 'Dead in 3 Days'; 'Pandorum' Teaser is Coming When?

trailer_spot: Terminator Salvation, Paris 36, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29, Hunger.

'Watchmen' Midnight Shows Selling Out; Watchmen Update: 8 TV Spots & 1 Trailer; Watchmen Super Post!; Watchmen L.A. Premiere Mega Photo Post; Exclusive: The cast of Watchmen explains it all for you; Get to know the not-so-super ‘Watchmen’; The Geek Beat: Watchwomen; Watchmen: 6 Minutes to Midnight Launched!; 'Watchmen': The EW review; AP : `Watchmen' almost too faithful to book.

(Related: Jackie Earle Haley ‘Curious’ About Becoming New Freddy Krueger.)

'Public Enemies' Gets Poster, New Images.

The New 'Terminator Salvation' Trailer!; Exclusive Terminator Pic; McG Wants Robert Patrick in Next 'Terminator' Film (man, I love him); Terminator's McG will meet with Arnold, still talking with Hamilton; Will McG Actually Get Terminator Salvation an R Rating?

ABC Family to Broadcast Harry Potter Weekend this Month; Regal cinemas hi-def HBP caps; LeakyCon 2009 Opens Submissions for Fan Art Gallery.

Third Narnia Set for Dec. 10, 2010 Release.

Coraline's revenge: Jonas Brothers 3D "underperforms badly"; A match made in heaven: Jonas Brothers sponsored by cheese.

Access Hollywood Previews the 'Twilight' DVD; Summit Announces DVD Launch Features.

New 'Witch Mountain' Pics; AnnaSophia Robb reveals a few 'Witch Mountain' secrets.

Would You See a Danny Boyle Directed James Bond Movie?

Molina is the Villain in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.'

WC 09: Elijah Wood Talks '9.' The trailer ran in front of Coraline and looked amazing, by the way.

Do Next Gen cast members cameo in Abrams' Star Trek?

J.J. Abrams on the Future of Cloverfield.

Ending for 'My Sister's Keeper' film veers from Picoult's book; Jodi Picoult's life is far from her wrenching novels.

Carl Franklin to Helm 'Ultima.'

Alexander Payne 'Downsizes' to Giamatti, Witherspoon, and Cohen.

Edward Zwick Directing 'Heart of the Sea.'

Blunt Read The Young Victoria's Diaries.

First Listen: Nick Cave's Score for 'The Road.'

Max Thieriot Boards 'Chloe' Cast; Julianne Moore Shoots 'Chloe' in Canada (set pics).

Michael Clarke Duncan Ready And Willing For ‘Sin City 2’… If It Ever Happens

Kevin Smith to Direct 'A Couple of Dicks'?

EXCLUSIVE: First Tasty Details On Hasbro’s Big Screen ‘Candy Land’; New Story Details for Candy Land, Monopoly, and Ouija.

Wes Craven updates remakes of Stairs and Shocker, plus Hills III.

More Details About Tron 2's Shakespearean Tragedy — With Lightcycles!

'Sleepless in Seattle' -- The Musical'? Is God punishing me?

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