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Big trailers! No whammies!

Got some good links tonight--full Public Enemies and Wolverine trailers in there. And I'll have another post up shortly.

Robin Williams Hospitalized For Heart Problems [Breaking].

Playwright, screenwriter Horton Foote dies; 'Mockingbird' screenwriter Horton Foote dies at 92; Remembering Horton Foote.

David Foster Wallace novel 'The Pale King' due in 2010.

Stephen King's agent pleased with e-book debut.

MySpace Memo: Three Top Execs Leaving.

840-pound emerald sparks legal battle. ... Damn.

Today's A Softer World: "The dark arts are just like every other drug." The subsequent punchline makes me totally want to write some kind of short story, which is pretty much what all Softer World strips do.

U2's second night on 'David Letterman': 'Magnificent.'

Attention All Van Morrison Fans: Check out Exclusive Photos from his Performance in NYC.

Barbie to Unveil a “New Face” on Her 50th Birthday (well, maybe it'll be better than the face they've been using for the last few years); Ditch the doll? Lawmaker targets Barbie. BECAUSE WE HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO FIX RIGHT NOW.

Jackson sues, calls planned auction ‘malicious.’

Random House Starts Free Content Library.

What Better Time to Be a Vampire Than the 1980s? [Tabletop Games]

Hollywood is another Depp's kind of 'Town.'

Images: New Pics from ‘Salt,’ ‘Public Enemies,’ ‘Terminator Salvation’ and John Woo’s ‘Red Cliff’; 'Scott Pilgrim' Movie Still Accurately Recreating 'Scott Pilgrim' Comic; Exclusive: 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil' Poster Premiere; Check This Out: Mondo Tee's Sleek Metropolis Poster.

Trailers and clips: New '17 Again' stills and a longer trailer; Sneak Peek at the Final 'Wolverine' Trailer; Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley in the New Trailer for ‘The Edge of Love,’ Exclusive Clip from 'The Edge of Love' (did this movie not already come and go?); 'Pandorum' Trailer Offers Up Scares in Space; 'Observe and Report" Red Band Trailer; Exclusive: 'Paper Covers Rock' Trailer Premiere; Watch a Clip from 'Kill Theory'; New Dragonball Trailer.

Update: 'Public Enemies' Gets Trailer, Poster, New Images.

FULL Wolverine trailer and NEW character promo shots!

DiCaprio Set to Star in Chris Nolan’s ‘Inception.’

Roger Ebert likee Watchmen :D; Review: Zack Snyder's Watchmen - Bordering on Brilliant; 'Watchmen' forgettable after opening blast; Review: Watchmen ("Prepare to be bludgeoned"); Hollywood will be watching 'Watchmen' closely; Uncensored Clip From Watchmen; What's On Watchmen's Cutting Room Floor?; reviews of the Ozymandias and Silk Spectre action figures.

(More toys: Kids Will Love This Horrifying 'Up' Toy.)

'Slumdog Millionaire' director Danny Boyle is not set to direct the next James Bond movie; More 'Quantum of Solace' Pre-order Exclusives.

Related: Danny Boyle to direct 'My Fair Lady' musical update? This would be the one with Keira Knightley, I think. Also: Danny Boyle Not Directing 'Lady Vengeance.'

Related to musicals in general: 'High School Musical 4': Will you sing along?

Mrs. Granger Cast for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Tweeting Tom Felton (related: Draco Malfoy's a little bloody); Followup: Man Convicted in Murder of Potter Actor Rob Knox.

What Would You Ask a ‘Twilight’ Star About ‘New Moon’? MTV Wants Your Questions Now! "As we kick-start our coverage of the march to 'New Moon'..." OH SWEET CHRIST. (And yet, I will be there, because I have looked into the sparkle, but the sparkle has also looked into me.) Also, file this next one under This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things. From Just Jared: Robert Pattinson Hides In A Hotel. Yes, FROM YOU. Gawker: Hoofing It. AWAY FROM YOU. Seriously, that last picture made me so sad. Meanwhile: Kristen Stewart: 'I've Thought About Quitting Twilight.' Look! A diversion! RUN!

Mark Strong Reveals Details on Sherlock Holmes Villain. I feel compelled to note here that I loved him in Stardust. I'm just saying.

(AND he's in the new Robin Hood? DUDE.)

Tyler Perry Signs With Lionsgate For Two More Films.

Exclusive: Michel Gondry Invades Tokyo!

Chow Yun-Fat Seeks to Play 'Confucius.'

'Prince Caspian' star Ben Barnes cast as Hamlet in 'Ophelia.'

Megan Fox Cast in ‘Fathom’ and ‘Jonah Hex.’

It's Confirmed - No Judd Apatow for Ghostbusters 3!

Goodwin, Corbett and Moynahan Join 'Ramona.'

Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan Are ‘A Couple of Cops’ For Kevin Smith.

Sin City 2's Gail gets a new accessory and a new story. Related: Rosario Dawson readies new installments of Occult Crimes Taskforce.

Zack Snyder readies all-girl cast for his next film, 'Sucker Punch.'

Holy Crap, Daft Punk is Scoring Disney's Tron 2.0!

Columnist Wil McCarthy explains why 'Coraline' and 'Hellraiser' are really the same.

‘Zombieland’ Monster Maker Has Emma Stone, Mila Kunis Eating Brains.

Meet The Lesbian Vamipres And Their Killers [Lesbian Vampire Killers].

Herbert West: 90210. The horror.

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