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I'm going to see Watchmen tomorrow afternoon (and at some point over the weekend, guest on a podcast), so you might not hear much from me over the next couple of days. Of course, as sure as I say that, I'll post five times. I'm just saying, either one is possible. (I never know what I'll be able to write until I sit down and try to do it. So I have no idea if I'll be able to put up something about Watchmen or not.) I'm finishing up a new Secret Life, but I'm also trying to space them out a bit. Honestly, I've just given up on the idea of getting any actual work done until Monday, but at least I know it, I guess.

I've also been feeling really tired lately--I mean, I know you already know that because I'm always talking about it, but I'm starting to think it's actually a mild bit of depression. You know, that chemical imbalance kind where you feel bad for no specific reason, not an event-related depression. We're getting into spring now, though, so I think it'll lift. I'm just not feeling so great at the moment, is all.

And right as I was putting on the finishing touches, the new Star Trek trailer came out. Enjoy.

Publicist: Robin Williams needs heart surgery.

Former Monkee Peter Tork says he has cancer.

Facebook gets yet another facelift

Jon Stewart's Epic CNBC Rant: Best Moments.

U2 and the $3.99 album: Great marketing or financial folly?

Barnes and Noble Acquires Fictionwise for $15.7 Million.

Susan Orlean Abandons Microsoft Word.

James Franco Scores Scribner Deal.

Poe letter apologizing for drinking goes on display.

Pizza joint gives staff t-shirts with the text of 1-star Yelp reviews. What? They made me laugh.

Barbie is a badass bitch with butterfly tattoos; Doll Makeovers Are Not Child's Play [Toy Stories].

(Speaking of doll makeovers in a different sense, here's one of my favorite repaint/costume sites. Scroll down to see actual pictures of the newest dolls [I like Isolde and Vivienne a lot]. Warning: site will try to play music.)

funny pictures of cats with captions

Let your guitar gently weep with 'Beatles: Rock Band'; Surviving Beatles unite to push kids' meditation.

Absinthe might need its own holiday to remind people it's legal.

Indira Varma going 'Inside the Box' for Shonda Rhimes.

Clive Owen left starstruck by David Bowie. As all right-thinking people are.

Images: New 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Photos; Angelina Jolie: First ‘Salt’ Set Pictures.

Trailers and clips: The New Star Trek Trailer!; We’ve Got The Final ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Trailer In Hi-Def!; 'Duplicity': Clive. Julia. Thong; The Rock Struggles To Placate Disney's Family-Friendly Aliens [Race To Witch Mountain]; New Trailer for Jim Jarmusch's 'The Limits of Control'; SXSW Exclusive Clip from 'Sorry, Thanks.'

trailer_spot: Public Enemies, (500) Days of Summer, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Enlighten Up!

WB Releases New Half-Blood Prince Trailer; Rumor Alert: New Half-Blood Prince Trailer Before Watchmen in IMAX?

Box Office Preview: 'Watchmen' will be No. 1, but how much will it make?; Wkd Prediction: 'Watchmen' Could Do $70M; Big day about to dawn for 'Watchmen'; 'Watchmen' stars eagerly await release; Newsweek: Don't believe the 'Watchmen' hype; ‘Watchmen’ has a pocketful of kryptonite; 'Watchmen' forgettable after opening blast; Review: Zack Snyder's Watchmen - Bordering on Brilliant (wow, there really is a sharp divide between traditional media and online critics in terms of reviews); The Version Of Watchmen The Studio Wanted [Watchmen] (a happy ending, in the present day, and no back story!); Who watches the ’80s Watchmen children's cartoon?; 'Watchmen' ... as Directed By Quentin Tarantino?; 'Watchmen' technology in real world; Watchmen's New York [Gallery]; Dr Manhattan rises out of Thames; 'Watchmen' Tops Inaugural NYT Graphic Books Best Seller List; Wolverine Vs. Rorschach: "I'm A Marvel, I'm A DC." Meanwhile: 'Watchmen' star Jackie Earle Haley jumps to Fox pilot.

Access Hollywood Has Deleted Twilight Scenes; Brenna Lee Roth In New Moon Cast; cap_it: Twilight: HQ full film (LET THE ICONS BEGIN); Kristen Stewart Clears the Air! Twilight fans: Kristen Stewart really loves you! Honest! (" 'You have to stay away from certain key words that can be twisted in a negative connotation. Like the word "psychotic" apparently is really bad,' she said, provoking laughter around the table").

(Related: Dakota Fanning to Play Cheri Currie in 'The Runaways,' in which Stewart will be playing Joan Jett.)

Danny Boyle Shuts Down 'Bond 23' Rumour. Meanwhile, ‘Slumdog’ becomes millionaire 200 times over; Slumdog Millionaire' creators vow to help the film's impoverished kids; India politicians battle over 'Slumdog' song rights; Freida Pinto - Vogue India Scans.

Sherlock Holmes Set Visit; Producer Joel Silver Talks Sherlock Holmes; Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law are Holmes and Watson; On Location with Sherlock Holmes.

Two New Mexico Test Screening Reports on the remake of 'The Wolfman.'

Werewolf comic 'Welcome to Hoxford' developing as film.

Hugo Weaving on a 'Transformers 2' Return.

Choose Your Favorite '500 Days of Summer' Poster!; New trailer for '500 Days of Summer.'

Steve Carell to Star in 'Hi-T.'

Rudd, Carell and Roach Ready to Serve ‘Dinner for Schmucks.’

Helmer Found for Possible Tom Cruise Political Drama.

Mickey Rourke Just Needs '11 Minutes' with Alice Braga.

Heard and Yustman in 'And Soon the Darkness' remake.

Nightmare on Elm Street Sets Release Date.

Jessica Biel Will Only Strip at Home (or, 'Powder Blue' is going straight to DVD).

Now THAT's How You Do Homoerotic Magic Fighting [Found Footage].

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