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Saturday night linkspam

Just a few things, but the Watchmen opening credits are online, and there's also a headline containing the phrase "Gambit UNF UNF UNF." Enjoy.

Washington State honors Penny Arcade for charity efforts.

Naomi Novik's 'His Majesty's Dragon' as a free download.

Peter S. Beagle Soars With 'We Never Talk About My Brother' [Book Review].

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in Sleeping Beauty photoshoot for Annie Leibovitz. Here's the interesting thing--I am a HUGE Kinuko Craft fan, and I actually own her illustrated Sleeping Beauty, so I immediately noticed that they were using her character design (and pose!) and not Disney's... in a photoshoot for Disney. What?

Kylie Minogue impresses in Bollywood.

Oscar-winning 'Ghost' movie to become stage musical.

Ledger's Oscar To Be Delivered To Ex Michelle Williams.

Images: First Official Publicity Stills from 'Prince of Persia'; Exclusive Wolverine Photos; 'Post Grad' poster.

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: First Full-Length Trailer for Pixar's UP! (honestly, I wasn't that interested until this one brought in the dog, who I LOVE); Exclusive: 'The Merry Gentleman' Trailer Premiere; Hilarious Teaser Trailer for Vegas Comedy 'The Hangover'; The Official Trailer for 'Blood: The Last Vampire'; 2 NEW DRAGONBALL MOVIE CLIPS (the headline capslock has something of a DANGER: POISON - DO NOT INGEST quality, IMO).

trailer_spot: Star Trek, Limits of Control, Coco avant Chanel, Harry Potter, Is There Anybody There?, Wolverine.

The ‘Watchmen’ Opening Credits are Online (and they are really fantastic, and worth watching multiple times to catch all the details--they're really a tiny film narrative unto themselves):

Watchmen To Make An Assload Of Money; ‘Watchmen’ Manages $25.2 Million in Early Friday Box-Office Estimates; Final Watchmen Video Journal: Societal Parallels; The best (and worst) mainstream review quotes about Watchmen; Watchmen Reviews: 'Maybe It's Better to Grow Up' [Why So Critical?]; Watchmen Is A Rorschach Test For Critics [Critical Mass]; Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Nathan Fillion on The View; Billy Crudup & his elfin features charm on The Daily Show; From The Mouth Of Watchmen's Blue Man (Reporter: "Obviously it's very stylized but you don't see wangs like that..." Crudup: "This is the question?"); Who Watches the Watchmen Licensers? Web-World Does. Rorschach Underwear, Anybody?; Hitler Responds to the News of Watchmen's Ending [Best Parody EVAR]. I don't know, the Saturday morning cartoon I linked the other day was also pretty good.

Rumblings on Possible Casting for Bill Weasley for Deathly Hallows and More (Brendan Gleeson's son, no less); Harry Potter Conferences News: We Are Wizards to Screen at LeakyCon 2009, Azkatraz Update.

Danny Boyle NOT Directing 'Lady Vengeance' Remake.

G-rated Julia Roberts disrobes in ‘Duplicity’; Newsweek: Is Julia Roberts' box-office reign over?

Twilight - All Extended Scenes (HQ); Stewart Up For Four Twilights; Stewart Keen To Sing In Jett Biopic; It’s Official - Dakota Fanning is Jane; New Moon Poster... Real or Fake? Um, clearly the answer is awesome fake.

Mark Wahlberg Takes ‘Prisoners,’ Chases Down Kidnappers For Suspense Thriller.

Matt Damon Finds Love, Goes Sci-Fi At ‘The Adjustment Bureau.’

Taylor Kitsch talks about Friday Night Lights and Gambit UNF UNF UNF. I'm just the reporter, people.

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