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A quick linkspam so as not to fall behind:

Ex-Calif. bookkeeper accused of embezzling $10M. Change "shoes" to "lingerie" and throw in a hitchhiker, and you've pretty much got Stephen King's "Mute" there. Damn.

Shane Watson: "Why Do Women Feel Useless?" [Age Rage]. This is so me, with the arbitrary list of goals I did not accomplish before I turned thirty last year, and therefore my life is useless, etc. I honestly think that if I had accomplished those goals, I would have thought of other things I hadn't done just so I could feel sufficiently bad about myself.

Why Do We Destroy Our Barbie Dolls? Maybe I was just deficient in mischief as a child, but I never, ever mutilated my toys. What I really liked to do was change everyone's clothes and set up some kind of scene--I had so many plastic jibbly bits, food and drinks and dishes and makeup and appliances and accessories and pets, so I'd arrange everything just so (sometimes Barbie was having Ken over to the Dream House for a date; other times she might escape from a crazed rival or break back in as a cat burglar), and then I'd assemble the dolls in question and... kind of not know what to do next. You know, because I had set up this elaborate scene, that was the fun part, and as I got older, I felt stupid actually holding the dolls and pretending they were talking or fighting or whatever. So... basically my idea of play as a child was set decorating. Hm.

And... 20-25 years later, I... added a camera. Yeah.

(Well, since we're here, I'll just say that I do think that retaining a childlike sense of play and whimsy has value. I mean, yes, you want to be able to function as an adult the majority of the time. But there's something about being able to think like a child--well, it helps you relate to actual children, for one, but I also feel like it opens up your problem-solving skills, your flexibility, your sense of invention. For kids, anything is possible--a shoebox can be a racecar; it doesn't have to look anything like a car or even have wheels as long as you can slide it across the floor. And... I really don't remember where I was going with this now. Um. Well, my point is, I guess, that writing about dolls the last few months has made me feel more open and creative in general. And silly. Really, really silly.)

'Moonlight' Star Guests on 'Criminal Minds.'

Julia Roberts: Clive Owen is no George Clooney Prankster.

Images: Check This Out: Mysterious 'Order of Chaos' Poster; The first official still from Keira Knightley's 'Last Night'; Coco avant Chanel (2009); The Limits of Control (2009); The Boat That Rocked (2009).

Trailers and clips: 'Quantum of Solace' Blu-ray/DVD Trailer Now Online; New Spanish Trailer for ‘Broken Embraces’; Official Trailer for John Crowley's 'Is Anybody There'?

trailer_spot: Watchmen credits, Up, Broken Embraces, Merry Gentleman.

'Watchmen' takes box office lead; ‘Watchmen’ Manages Only $55.6 Million (I know that people were predicting $70M+, and yet... man, I wish I had "only" 55 million dollars); 'Watchmen': Which actor will become the biggest star?; EXCLUSIVE: Zack Snyder Explains His Favorite Additions & Subtractions From ‘Watchmen’ Comic; 9 Comics To Follow Watchmen; Buy This: Super Saucy 'Watchmen' Costumes. And somewhere, Alan Moore dies a little more inside.

Official Wolverine Site Updated.

Rupert Grint Talks Deathly Hallows Epilogue and Script; Dung Gone It! More Rumblings on Deathly Hallows Casting for a Smelly, Sneaky Thief.

Updates on Spielberg and Jackson's 'Adventures of Tintin.'

Tracy Jordan and Martin Lawrence Join 'Death at a Funeral' Remake. Yeah. Pretty much everything after and including this headline fills me with despair.

Streisand And Hoffman To Return For ‘Little Fockers’? Writer Says He Wants Them All Back.

Want to Watch 'The Cell 2'?

Marmaduke Coming to Theaters--If He'll Ever Get Off His Owner's Lap!

"HE'S SO AWESOME AND CANADIAN!" or, the worst movie advertising ever.

Jonas Brothers film voted worst movie of all time. Okay, this one fills me with something more like glee.

Vampire Lincoln Loves The Ladies, A Filthy Kaiju And Inhabited Island 2 [Cult Movie Worship].

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