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Too tired to think of a title

Depression: Can't tell if I would just feel bad no matter what--I think there was a legitimate, cyclical hormone dip late last week, which is partly why I felt so horrible--and (whichever topic) is the one I have chosen to gnaw on, or if (whichever topic) is making me feel bad, and if that's the case, if a strong attempt to redirect my thoughts would help. I mean, it probably couldn't hurt anyway, but I guess I'm curious as to whether redirecting my thoughts would make the situation better, or if I'd just settle into some new fixation. Because it's a hopeless topic. It's not something I can fix, it's not something I can do anything to improve, and it's doing a number on my self-esteem, which is leaking out all over everything else.

(Sometimes I think that it might be too late for so many of the things I wanted to accomplish, even though I'm only thirty. To late to catch a trend, too late to be a child prodigy, too late for young love. Well, if that's the case--fuck it, I might as well just have fun, right?)

So. If the sun comes out tomorrow, I'm going to go outside on that photo safari I meant to take a few weeks ago. Take some more pictures of flowers and foliage, basically--I can get some camera practice in, now that I've started thinking of photography as a minor hobby. I've just got to stop angsting and get on with living.

Linkspam and housekeeping:

More Secret Life icons from etod.

Metallica’s Hetfield hospitalized in Sweden.

Phish Returns to Feed Its Hungry Fans; $1.2 million in illegal drugs seized at Phish reunion... by 200 cops... hired by Phish. OH BURN.

Jane's Addiction returns to Lollapalooza...and oh the (Siouxsie) memories from 1991.

The Lede: Portrait of Shakespeare Unveiled, 399 Years Late.

3 Renaissance Rascals Exposed!

‘Swiss gigolo’ jailed for defrauding heiress. Man, I could so use a Swiss gigolo right now.

Salvador Dali's rotary dial cosmetics compact.

Man beats up kangaroo home invader.

Flight of the Conchords Experiment With Hair Product [If You're Into It].

'Bones' star David Boreanaz brought in for PopWatch reader questioning!

Nate Corddry and Molly Parker join Sarah Michelle Gellar's new HBO series.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Star Wars’ Live-Action TV Series Casting Underway.

Exclusive: Lucy Lawless speaks about her role in 'Angel of Death.'

Everyone's Favorite Firefly Companion Is Now An Evil Alien ['V'].

'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' is coming to DVD! But why stop with that long-lost show?

Oscar Divas: Where Was Jack Nicholson, Javier Bardem, Etc ...?

Images: 'Salt': Angelina Jolie Has a Bloody Knee — Ouch!, Angelina Jolie: Living On The Edge; First Look at Milla Jovovich in 'Perfect Getaway.'

Trailers and clips: Exclusive 'Haunting in Connecticut' TV Spot; Exclusive Clip from 'Bart Got A Room'; Sita Sings the Blues is finally free!; Exclusive Red Band Clip: 'I Love You, Man'; Exclusive 'Role Models' DVD Blooper Reel; Download Now: ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ 1978 Lucas and Spielberg Story Conference Transcript.

How Sick of 'Watchmen' Are You?; Before They Were ‘Watchmen’: The Characters That Inspired Nite Owl & Rorschach; How Do You Ruin ‘Watchmen’? Photoshop Contest Offers A Good Place To Start; The Funniest Watchmen-Related Photo of the Day (spoiler).

(Related: Can We Blame Watchmen If ' The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Dies? [Terminator Deathwatch].)

Will Sam Worthington Steal Bale's Batman?

Rumor: Marvel's Fantastic Four Being Rebooted, Too?!

‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Website Spotlights New Mutants, Deadpool Image Hits The ‘Net.

Akerman, Phillippe AND Taylor Kitsch set for 'Bang.'

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Justice League’ Movie Still A Possibility, Says Director… Just Not Anytime Soon.

The Kick-Ass Spock Scene You Won't Be Seeing In Star Trek [Morning Spoilers]; New Star Trek Movie 3 and 3/4 Inch Action Figure Images; New Star Trek Movie 6 Inch Action Figure Images.

Just How Trippy Does James Cameron's 'Avatar' Get?; Cameron Nixes 'Avatar' Trailers?

First Photo of Radcliffe on Deathly Hallows Set.

New Moon production hits Vancouver: "Why Don't You Kids Go Take a Stroll Around the Publicity. I Mean Neighborhood"; Twilight weekend in Vancouver ("Spotted: a twi-hard super loser being interrogated by police at a downtown hotel. She had a backpack full of Twilight merchandise, had been hanging out all day, weird and shifty, so much so that hotel staff called the cops on her ass believing her to be a security threat…"); Kristen out with Taylor and Nikki in downtown Vancouver; Taylor Lautner is a Dirt Bike Devil; Mr. Lutz Talks 'New Moon'; ‘Twilight’ ladies talk Pattinson, Lautner; Deleted Scene: Edward’s Bedroom Surprise (too... many... jokes... ack!); Who's Directing The 'Twilight' Sequel This Week?; Drew Barrymore Confirms 'Eclipse' Rumors (rumors that she's being considered to direct, that is).

You talkin' to me? Film quotes stir passion; 'Apocalypse' writer: Most scripts 'are garbage.' I like that these two headlines were together.

MTV News Chats With ‘Knowing’ Director Alex Proyas Live In NYC Tuesday Night; We Hit The New York City Streets With Dwayne Johnson; We Let Russell Brand Loose In The MTV Offices. Well, MTV's just up to all kinds of shenanigans today.

(Russell Brand may join Depp as a ‘Pirate.’ Ah, that rumor again? At least it's more plausible than the Zac Efron one.)

‘Phillip Morris’ is MIA: Gay-themed Jim Carrey movie delayed by distribution snafu.

‘Scott Pilgrim’ Actor Mark Webber Gets Hairy To Play Stephen Stills.

Cage Says 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice,' 'National Treasure 3' Likely; EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage Talks ‘Ghost Rider 2,’ Wants More Horror In Potential Sequel.

‘Zoolander’ Scribe Catwalks Toward Possible ‘Twolander’ Sequel.

Puppetmaster Carves Out a Remake.

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