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Rainy Saturday linkspam

Back thataway: the freakishly lifelike Christian Bale/John Connor 12" figure. Seriously, you have got to see it.

Stewart seen as winner in Cramer showdown; Obama spokesman 'enjoyed' lashing of CNBC host. See the full unedited version on the Comedy Central site (scroll down to "Unedited Interview, Pt 1," etc. It was edited for time, mostly, because Jon Stewart persisted in his rampage of pwnage).

Peter S. Beagle On Unicorns, Golems, and the Law [Interview].

The Saturday Profile: In Argentina, a Camera and a Blog Make a Star.

Hipsters Are Ruining Twitter, Say Hipsters on Twitter [Twitterati].

What Facebook's New Look Means [Pop Psychology]. It means that we all HATE IT, is what it means. Related: Linear Progression of Facebook Suckery.

Strange Barbies over the years. Includes Pooper Scooper Barbie, Desert Storm Barbie, Growing Up Skipper ("Grows as her figure matures!"), and Black Canary Barbie, which is not strange but merely awesome.

Update: No Duet for Chris and Rihanna.

True Blood Needs Female "Blood Hookers."

Read All About Doctor Who's Off-Hours In New Comic.

Paltrow Casts Doubt Over Co-star Phoenix's 'Rap Career'; Phoenix fight staged?

DVD Picks from Spielberg, Wes Anderson, Jon Favreau, James Gray + Sofia Coppola.

Small studio pic update from MUSE/Matt Bellamy contributes to 'The International' Soundtrack.

DirecTV ads would be better if they picked grim movie scenes.

Obsessed Joker Fan Gunned Down By Police.

Images: First Look: Gary Oldman in Hughes Brother's Book of Eli; First Look: Destro (Christopher Eccleston) from 'G.I. Joe'; First Look: David Fincher's Animated Version of 'The Goon'; Angelina Jolie: Barefoot Babe! ('Salt'); Reese Witherspoon is Ginormica, New Looks At Rainn Wilson's Space Conqueror, Gallaxhar [Monsters Versus Aliens].

Trailers and clips: Another Brilliant Trailer for The Boat That Rocked; 'Up' Clips Available in Short Episodic Format; Meet the Citizens of Forest Ridge Mall ('Observe and Report'); 'Hybrid' Trailer: No Green Message, Only Blood!; Must Watch: Trailer for James Toback's Tyson Documentary; Don't Watch: Official Trailer for Horror Feature 'Orphan.'

Stephen King's IT Coming to the Big Screen. You know, unlike a lot of people, I've never been afraid of clowns. This may change soon.

‘Watchmen’ Box-Office Tumbles 71% While ‘Witch Mountain’ Scares Up $6.5 Million; 'Watchmen' Still Tops Online Ticket Sales; ‘Watchmen Tour With Malin Akerman’ Video Features Inventive Way To Raise Rent Money; Patton Oswalt Has Harsh Words For ‘Watchmen’ Critics ("Zack Snyder STEPPED UP, motherfuckers. [...] Crack the tab on a frosty can of Go Fuck Yourself and go see the movie").

Related: Columbus Short Added To ‘The Losers’ Cast, Joins ‘Watchmen’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

MuggleNet: Second Half-Blood Prince screening NOT real; Shell Cottage Scene for Deathly Hallows to be Filmed in Wales?; PotterCast 187: That Hufflepuff Dog!

Damon Confirms Fourth Bourne Movie.

We talk exclusively with the cast of 'Race to Witch Mountain'; The Rock Can't Save Us With These 2 Aliens On His Back [Witch Mountain Review]; Review: Why you shouldn't Race to Witch Mountain; Take a detour around this 'Witch Mountain'; Movie Review: Race to Witch Mountain (2009).

'Last House on the Left' is condemnable; Keep driving past ‘Last House on the Left’; Movie Review: The Last House on the Left (2009.)

Sunshine Cleaning Dusts Off Indie Movie Clichés [Critical Mass]; Review: 'Sunshine Cleaning' agreeably tidy; ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ leaves a whiff of staleness; 'Sunshine Cleaning': You'll cheer this bold, fab film; Movie Review: Sunshine Cleaning (2009).

Review: ‘The Edge of Love’ is corny melodrama. Related: Knightley Waits For My Fair Lady Role; Knightley Says No to 'Pirates 4.'

Vancouver Welcomes New Moon Filming; Looks Like Variety Jumped The Gun: Bayona not a done deal for Eclipse; Paris Hilton "Desperate" For Twilight Role (oh, GROSS); Twilight Parody Song From the Vlogbrothers. By the way, I am a huge fan of Noel Cruz's doll repaints (if I had a money tree, I would get him to repaint Elizabeth like so--to lessen the Celine Dion resemblance, if nothing else), and today I get an update from WatchThatPage: "COMING IN TWO WEEKS! OOAK EDWARD CULLEN & BELLA SWAN!" Which should raise the resemblance stakes considerably.

And yes, I did link the Robert Pattinson GQ interview in the last linkspam ("Somebody got pictures of him anyway. Hidden in the darkness! Like some kind of Hamburglar!"). There's some discussion of 'Little Ashes' in there, by the way, including details that I am pretty sure foreshadow a coming Twimageddon, and are related to the headline Javier Beltran Dishes on Robert Pattinson Sex Scenes.

Freida Pinto: Next Bond Girl?

Jon Favreau Closer to Directing 'The Avengers'?

Avatar's Michelle Rodriguez loves James Cameron, and f--k you if you don't.

Wonder Woman Movie May Be Happening After All?

‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Blockbuster Will Have Director Reinventing Aliens, Aaron Eckhart.

EXCLUSIVE: Ashton Kutcher Romances Michelle Pfeifer In ‘Personal Effects.’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sin City 2’ Filming Could Begin ‘Sometime This Year,’ Says Rosario Dawson.

Last House's Dennis Iliadis Helming 'Cure' Thriller Next.

Craven won't be seeing 'Nightmare' remake. Look, I don't even watch the originals, but if they brought in Jackie Earle Haley as suggested? I would be there.

'Final Destination' Versus 'Halloween 2'!

More are cast in M. Night Shyamalan's 'Last Airbender.'

Mulan Filming Halted By Protesters.

Kevin Smith Responds to 'A Couple of Dicks' Criticism.

Cinesite Creating 'Clash of the Titans' Effects.

Mischa Barton’s ‘High School President’ May Graduate To DVD.

Best "Posse Up And Kill The Werewolf" Scene Ever! [Found Footage].

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