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How I wasted my afternoon

cleolinda Watching "The Invasion" on cable. Had forgotten how ridiculous the Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig non-romance is.

cleolinda "You're my best friend, I can't risk that." NO YOU MORON! HE'S HOT ANGSTY PEDIATRICIAN MAN! ARE YOU BLIND!

cleolinda And I'm still not sure how she teleported from a residential area to downtown wherever.

cleolinda The funniest part to me is the ending, but I probably shouldn't discuss that on open Twitter.

cleolinda Okay, I've posted a comment on my original review of "The Invasion" to discuss the ending:

cleolinda "You can EASILY go for a week without any sleep!" OH WHATEVER. I pulled sleepless paper-writing weekends in college and it was NOT easy.

cleolinda Apparently if you go long enough without REM sleep, you go into psychosis. I can totally, totally believe it,

cleolinda because I was up working on papers for like 60 hours and was just gibbering by the end of it. Really, really counterproductive.

cleolinda I would get blocked and push it until the last moment. Yeah... bad idea. I worked really well under pressure until I was 20

cleolinda and then it was just over, I couldn't pull it out in the last two hours anymore. And I learned this the hard way, woe.

cleolinda I think a lot of my blocks really tend(ed) to be about anxiety and unrealistic expectation, particularly in college.

cleolinda Yeah, I basically had a nervous breakdown because I suddenly couldn't work the way I had for years.

cleolinda It was like I lost my teenage metabolism overnight or something.

cleolinda Ah, Nicole Kidman stumbling around 7-11s chugging Mountain Dew. Just like senior year.

cleolinda And in closing, re: "The Invasion": My mother watched the first 1/2 hr or so, and you know her issues with Blond James Bond.

cleolinda She got to the "You're my best friend" scene, stares for a moment, and declares, "She's an idiot." ~The end.~

cleolinda ("That totally looks like his kid, too.")

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