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And now, to dinner

And somehow, I've managed to get behind on the linkspam again. (I'm behind on most of everything, actually, comments and emails included. Fnarr.)

From rachie203: "My friend is running on a race to raise money for Neurofibromatosis research. As someone who experiences this she has had to go through a number of surgeries to have tumors removed, and she's definitely not the only one. It's a great cause and I'd love to see the some good money raised. Her personal fundraising page can be found at, and the main event site can be found at"

Actor Ron Silver Dead At 62; Broadway theaters to dim lights for Ron Silver.

Natasha Richardson Update: Conflicting Reports. Still no reliable updates since this afternoon, by the way.

Neil Gaiman on The Colbert Report. THRILL! As Colbert drops some extreme Tolkien science. I am talking Tom Bombadil from memory here, people.

More professional badfic that's been making the rounds. TEXT NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR LIFE OR BRAINS.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Via dduane: Be care of shippery.

Book-Hot-Or-Not: More On The Sexual Politics Of Author Photos [Special Topics In Literary Attractiveness].

Despite Rough Childhood, 'Very Hungry' Author Eric Carle Is Now Very Happy.

Sci Fi Channel Changes Its Name To A Typo [Syfy Channel] and NOBODY is happy about it.

Two Full Hours Of Confusing Time-Warpy 'Lost' Finale.

'Moonlight' vamp rises again.

'Flight of the Conchords' music recap: 'Bret's Day' and 'I Told You I Was Freekie.'

Will there be a familiar face in George Lucas' Star Wars TV show?

Johnny Depp's Guest Appearance on Spongebob.

How Not To Do A TV Series Finale [Kyle XY Recap].

TCM to explore Hollywood history in 10-part series.

Images: Exclusive: New Images from 'The Hurt Locker'; 'Where the Wild Things Are' Poster: These Wild Things Are Really Huge (and Wild); Another new image from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek has surfaced; New Image from ‘Nine’ Arrives; An Early Look At Characters From Disney's 'Princess and the Frog'; First Look at Olga Kurylenko in 'Centurion'; Exclusive: Poster Premiere for Rupert Wyatt's 'The Escapist'; Exclusive: 'Rudo Y Cursi' Poster Premiere; This 'Orphan' is Almost TOO Symmetrical.

Trailers and clips: Video From Denzel And Oldman's End Of The World Picture [The Book Of Eli] (related: First pictures of Gary Oldman on the set of potentially awesome movie); EXCLUSIVE: Step Into The Shower With Amanda Crew In This ‘Haunting In Connecticut’ Clip; Extended 'Grey Gardens' Trailer; Must Watch: Sam Mendes' 'Away We Go' Trailer; New 'Angels & Demons' Featurette Online; Chan-wook Park’s Vampire Feature ‘Thirst’ has a Korean Trailer; Jasper Morello: stunning steampunk short animated film.

Surprise! 'Transformers 3' Already in the Works; UPDATE: Michael Bay Says ‘No Way’ To ‘Transformers 3’ 2011 Release.

International ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Posters Hit The ‘Net With Logan, Sabretooth & Gambit; Exclusive Video: Deadpool Speaks!; Ryan Reynolds On ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Movie Role: ‘I Don’t Consider Myself Playing Deadpool.’

Check out two new images from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; New Half-Blood Prince promos of Draco, teen Tom Riddle & Ginny.

EXCLUSIVE: Dwayne Johnson Says ‘Jonny Quest’ May Go In ‘Different Direction’ To Cast Zac Efron; Zac Efron Talks Jonny Quest Movie.

'Sunshine Cleaning' Cleans Up At Weekend Box Office.

Did 'Watchmen' Fail? And Why?; from _stormthesea: Dr. Manhattan, the cocktail; from stellanoxx: A remake in 2012? What?; Blu-ray Review: Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter; Who Watches WALL*E?; Quote of the day: "And when we made 300, we were thinking, nobody's gonna want to see this movie. Middle America is gonna be, like, 'A history lesson from a bunch of guys in leather bikinis? Really? You're high.' "

Twilight: The Musical is up (I haven't watched it yet; I've been a bit swamped); Twilight Anime?; Rpattz GQ Outtakes; Kristen talks about Cliff Diving AKA Bells trying to kill herself; 'Twilight' Star Kristen Stewart Talks 'New Moon,' Future Sequels; Twilight Fans Show up at Kristen's house. Personally, I would start demanding hazard pay. Meanwhile, The Wolf Pack; Catherine Hardwicke Launches Website; Blame Twilight for A TAMPON VAMPIRE? WHAT?

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Talk Tintin with Top Hats.

Coen Brothers Remaking John Wayne’s ‘True Grit’… Sort Of.

SXSW Review: 'Drag Me to Hell'; SXSW Review: 'Women in Trouble.'

Bad Robot Producing World's Biggest Diamond Heist Movie.

Exclusive: Colin Hanks Assists 'The Great Buck Howard.'

Branagh Has His Eye on 'Night of the Demon.'

Ray Stevenson confirms that the script for 'Rome: The Movie' is being written.

Exclusive: Filmmaker Cary Fukunaga on 'Sin Nombre.'

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Outrageous ‘Bruno’ Makes ‘Borat’ Look Tame; Live from SXSW: 'Bruno' Footage Is 20 Minutes of Comedic Bliss; Another ‘Bruno’ trick fools Alabama Guard. *facepalm*

EXCLUSIVE: Sam Raimi ‘Can’t Imagine’ Doing ‘Spider-Man 4’ Without Kirsten Dunst, Only Working On Fourth Film.

Hold me like you did by the lake on Asgard, or, Natalie Portman possibly joining 'Thor' in some capacity.

And it's all downhill from there:

Russell Brand’s ‘Arthur’ Remake Will Honor Boozy Original With New York Setting, Burt Bacharach Tunes.

'Bodyguard' Remake with Rihanna and Channing Tatum?

‘MacGyver’ Movie Coming, Will Be Filmed With Rotary Dial Phone, Paper Clip & Dental Floss.

Jonah Hill Developing ‘21 Jump Street’ Movie.

The Totally Awesome Movie For Dyslexic Michael Bay Fanatics [Found Footage].

"Dragonball" Dominates Asian Box Office; Dragonball Devolution ("Cheese and rice, my nads got scorched!").

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