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Lots of posts today, I guess

Early linkspam, since it's Lostnesday. And sometime after Lost, we'll check in on Iorek and The Littlest Edward.

ETA: CNN is reporting that Natasha Richardson has passed away, according to a statement from her family.

Gossip Guru Smith Reports Richardson's Life Support Machine Has Been Switched Off; Experts: 'Minor' head injuries may not be; Richardson part of legendary acting family; EW Changes Cover For Richardson.

Original 'Darth Vader,' David Prowse, battling cancer.

Jessica Lange hospitalized after fall.

Actor Stacy Keach hospitalized.

2009 Man Booker International Prize Announced.

25 Other Names The Sci Fi Channel Could Rebrand With ("We're Worried That You're Still In Your Mom's Basement Because That's Not Really The Demographic We're Looking For Channel").

NBC chief calls CNBC attacks ‘unfair’; Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer Have Posses [Feuds]. I don't know--I find Jon Stewart's comments to be entirely fair and perhaps even a little restrained, considering.

Are whoopie pies the new cupcake?

'Designing Women' comes to DVD: Three reasons to cheer!

ABC Family: 'Kyle XY' writer/co-producer Julie Plec answers questions about the finale.

Ben Linus Wants A True Blood Cameo. The accompanying pic of the True Blood "In Case of Vampire" posters are fantastic, btw.

Just How Gory Will 'Harper's Island' Get?

Magnetic Fields Compose The Tunes For 'Coraline' Musical.

Images: Exclusive: Poster for John Crowley's 'Is Anybody There?'; ‘Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash 2′ Cover Image Debuts Online; Marvel Celebrates Wolverine’s 35th Anniversary With Variant Covers And… Fine Art?; 'Whatever Works' stills with Henry Cavill; Concept Art from Timur Bekmambetov's 'Black Lightning'; 'Salt': Angelina Jolie: Arrested, "I'm Sorry Ma'am, But We Checked and It Actually Is Illegal To Be This Sexy."

Trailers and clips: Forecast: 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs'!; CS Videos: Better Not 'Knowing'?; Paul Rudd, Jason Segel "Take It To The Bro-cery Store" With Fart Humor, Bro-isms [Clips]; EXCLUSIVE: Watch Paul Dano Fall For Zooey Deschanel In ‘Gigantic’; Watch This Now: Crazy 'What's in the Box?' Short Film!

Is Harlan Ellison's Star Trek suit aimed at J.J. Abrams' movie?

Favreau: Iron Man 2 Good to Go.

'Quantum of Solace' DVD Exclusive At Target; Laughable Rumor of the Week: Jennifer Aniston, Bond Girl.

'Twilight' Will Go On-Demand Same Day as DVD Release; Twilight Actors Popping In At Surprise DVD Party Location.s Okay, will someone explain to me which DVD set is the best value? Like, in terms of the goddamn "exclusive" extras you get? Because I ain't buyin' six of these. Also: Kristen Stewart gushes about Taylor Lautner, Edward fans are chagrined.

Pitt, Portman and Artifacts.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Caliber’ Adaptation Won’t Star Johnny Depp, Producers ‘Waiting To Hear From’ John Woo.

Producer Says Tilda Swinton to Star in 'Kevin,' Adaptation of Lionel Shriver Novel.

Oscar-Winner Jonathan Demme To Write, Direct Adaptation Of Michel Faber’s ‘Courage Consort.’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Kick-Ass’ Star Nicolas Cage On His ‘Really Twisted’ Movie Relationship.

Ellen DeGeneres Coming Back to Theaters as Mother Nature!

Superman Returns writer to take a trip into 'Dante's Inferno.'

Adam Scott Joins Leap Year. Ah, you had me at "Amy Adams and Matthew Goode."

'Princess and the Frog': Controversy surrounding Disney's first black princess.

'Time Traveler's Wife' Gets a Date.

We See a 'High Moon' A-Risin.' See, because it's like 'High Noon' with werewolves, and...

U.S. Distro for 'Blood: The Last Vampire.'

A New Christian Film Hopes to Mirror the Success of Last Year's 'Fireproof.'

‘Lost Boys’ Threequel On The Way, Corey Feldman To Return. Well, I know that I can sleep easier now.

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