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Catchup, but a good one, I think

Re: This morning's Secret Life of Dolls: There was an alternate picture I didn't post that might explain what was going on in the photos a bit better--the second one was actually supposed to be The Littlest Edward complaining ("IT'S INDECENT!," etc.) from "my" perspective sitting there at my desk. Also, Serafina's pose was supposed to look like this, only I couldn't quite get her legs to cooperate, so it ended up looking like more of a pinup pose (not unfittingly). And in case you were wondering how inadequately clothed Eva Green!Serafina tended to look in the movie, here you are.

Meanwhile, my mother watched the Twilight DVD the other night--I've gotten through most of the extras--and asked if I could find her sheet music for "that song Edward Cullen plays on the piano." (She used to love playing the piano and wants to get back to it.) "I know it isn't really him playing it in the movie," she assured me for some reason. "No, it's him," I said (deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn't think that Actual Edward Cullen had somehow been magicked into existence for the purpose of filming a movie), "the actor's also a musician." "HE IS?" she cried. "I REALLY like him now!"

It's happened. I can't deny it anymore. She's a Twimom. I facepalmed.

Meanwhile, Jezebel has the "vampire kiss montage" (from the third disc of the Target set) with the full scenes of Carlisle biting Edward, Carlisle biting Esme, Bella imagining Edward as an old-school goth vampire, and that scene we were trying to find the other day--Edward's Midnight Sun fantasy of killing Bella that first day in class which makes me laugh SO HARD. Needs moar neck-snapping of innocent bystanders, says I.

Speaking of the DVD, EW has lovingly compiled 'Twilight' DVD: Best of Robert Pattinson's audio commentary because Twilight-related content ('Twilight': Inside Bella/Edward style!) is all that is keeping them afloat in this economy, seriously. Also: 'Twilight' sells more than 3 million DVDs in first day of sales; ‘Twilight’ Stars Come Out In Force Over Weekend To Tout DVD; New Moon Italy Filming Update; 'Cliff diving' scene being shot; New Moon Finds Its Wolf Pack ('Twilight 2': Diversity Casting Isn't Hard, AIRBENDER); New Moon Cast on the Paparazzi (“It’s great; we have been doing some pranks on them. I can’t really share any, but a lot of the pictures are planned”); Catherine Hardwicke Says There’s No ‘Twilight’ Anime…Well, Not Yet; Forget Kristen Stewart - Ryan Reynolds Eager to Work With ‘Dreamy’ Robert Pattinson; Kellan Lutz Knows What Makes Girls and Ryan Reynolds Swoon For RPattz; Stephenie Meyer Up For Time Magazine Award; Harry Potter vs. Twilight Debate in Seattle: Potter Wins.

And finally: I'm sure a "tribute novel" about Jacob called "Russet Noon" for sale is TOTALLY within the bounds of copyright law just because you say it is. Also, did you guys know that your characters are up for grabs if they're "well-known" and/or you neglected to have an artist draw them? Trufax, according to this writer.

More linkspam:

Nicholas Hughes, Son of Sylvia Plath, Commits Suicide; Plath's son's death highlights suicide in families.

Robin Williams' Heart Operation 'Went Extremely Well.'

Horror Writers Association announces Bram Stoker Awards finalists.

thecolourclear has a poll about milk for you.

David Cook tells his fans to back off; David Cook: Unappreciative or rightly frightened?

Gloria Vanderbilt's erotic novel: Will you read it?

Company reveals threats about Jackson auction.

Newsweek: Vedder on music, activism, ducking celebrity.

Oops: Colbert wins space station name contest; NASA might name toilet for Stephen Colbert.

Facebook Haters Reach a Million Strong; Even Facebook Employees Hate the Redesign. ETA: Facebook Surrenders to Users' Redesign Revolt.

Potential clash of the titans wank: showrunners vs. an actor; 'Lost': Charlotte's real age settled.

Michelle Pfeiffer To Join 'True Blood'? Wow, that's quite a casting coup there, if so.

Images: Check out Over 40 New Images from Woody Allen’s ‘Whatever Works’; Olga Kurylenko is a Warrior Woman; Check Out Dafoe Getting It On in Von Trier's 'Antichrist'; SXSW Exclusive: 'The Dungeon Masters' Poster; 'Away We Go' Poster: This Movie is a Bit More Independently Stylish, Everyone; 'Thirst' Poster Banned in Korea; Fan Made: Walt Disney's 'Lord of the Rings.'

Trailers and clips: Russell Crowe's 'State of Play' Gets a Sharp New TV Spot; New Star Trek TV Spot!; Foul-Mouthed Red Band 'Crank: High Voltage' TV Spot; First Full Trailer for 'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs'; New Extended Clip From 'Up'; 'Astro Boy' Trailer: We Should Never Give a Child Such Immense Power; New ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Poster and TV Spots Go Online, Exclusive Video: 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'; Must Watch: Thomas Jane's 'Give 'Em Hell Malone' Promo!; Oh, The Horror (Trailers): 'Orphan,' 'Sorority Row,' and One Crazy Candymaker; New Trailer and 19 Pics from Live-Action ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’; Fun Monsters vs Aliens vs Cloverfield Viral Video; Watch This: 'Silence of the Lambs' Lego Musical.

trailer_spot: Easy Virtue, Chéri, Year One, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Genova.

'Where the Wild Things Are' pics; New Where the Wild Things Are Photos and Site.

'Dawn Treader' to Be Filmed in Australia, starting in July. YAY, IT'S HAPPENING! (Dear Tonner: Please make a Prince Caspian for us. I will write his dialogue with the crazy "Spanish" accent and everything. And also a Susan in the purple dress please.)

Deathly Hallows Casting News: Ciaran Hinds to Play Aberforth Dumbledore, More on Nick Moran; Timothy Spall To Film Scenes as Wormtail for Deathly Hallows Later this Year; Tom Felton Talks Potter Actor Jam Sessions, and Wizard Rockers Draco and the Malfoys; Harry Potter: Zionist Conspiracy to Promote Witchcraft and Satanism???

Terminator Salvation: 14 New Photos; Resist Or Be Terminated - Skynet Research Viral Updates; Terminator's Cameron reminisces—and distances himself from Salvation; Did Spoilers Alter ‘Terminator Salvation’ Ending? GOD, I HOPE SO.

Newest Beautiful 'Angels and Demons; Poster Hits; Angels & Boycotts.

New ‘Watchmen: Tales Of The Black Freighter’ Images Debut Online; Clips from ‘Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter’ and ‘Under the Hood’; ‘Watchmen: Tales Of The Black Freighter’ Featurette Hits The ‘Net; Zack Snyder Gets "Watchmen" Blame, But Studios Still Want Him.

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Blunt Speaks Out About Losing ‘Iron Man 2’ Role.

Has ‘Let the Right One In’ Been Dumbed Down for DVD?

Exclusive: Vanessa Redgrave's 'Magical Thinking' performance has been postponed; Vanessa Redgrave Joins Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’ as Production Gets Underway.

Freida Pinto Joins Schnabel’s ‘Miral.’

Anthony Hopkins to play Ernest Hemingway as previously rumored.

"Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland? I would rather die."

James Franco Joins 'Your Highness.'

Hayao Miyazaki's 'Ponyo' Scheduled to Hit American Theaters.

Seth Rogen admits Green Hornet will mix action, comedy; Will We See a Different Michel Gondry for Green Hornet?

Stoneheart Trilogy of fantasy books heading for screen.

Flight of the Conchords: The movie?

EXCLUSIVE: Sam Raimi Insists Bruce Campbell And He Will Be Back For A Fourth ‘Evil Dead’ Film.

Feminist Reviewer Says Lesbian Vampire Killers Sucks [Oscar Watch].

5 Dragonball "Character Spots" Ranked In Order Of Awfulness.

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