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Catchup, but a good one, I think

Re: This morning's Secret Life of Dolls: There was an alternate picture I didn't post that might explain what was going on in the photos a bit better--the second one was actually supposed to be The Littlest Edward complaining ("IT'S INDECENT!," etc.) from "my" perspective sitting there at my desk. Also, Serafina's pose was supposed to look like this, only I couldn't quite get her legs to cooperate, so it ended up looking like more of a pinup pose (not unfittingly). And in case you were wondering how inadequately clothed Eva Green!Serafina tended to look in the movie, here you are.

Meanwhile, my mother watched the Twilight DVD the other night--I've gotten through most of the extras--and asked if I could find her sheet music for "that song Edward Cullen plays on the piano." (She used to love playing the piano and wants to get back to it.) "I know it isn't really him playing it in the movie," she assured me for some reason. "No, it's him," I said (deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt that she didn't think that Actual Edward Cullen had somehow been magicked into existence for the purpose of filming a movie), "the actor's also a musician." "HE IS?" she cried. "I REALLY like him now!"

It's happened. I can't deny it anymore. She's a Twimom. I facepalmed.

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