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Ow 2: Electric Boogaloo

Look, I don't know what's going on in my head, but these headaches have got to stop. With a quickness. They're not even migraines, for chrissakes--they're just all-over tension headaches, and they need to stop NOW.

I have socks. I thought you would like to know. No, really, my mom bought me a pair of dark purple socks made out of... well, I don't know what that thick silky-yarny bathmat stuff is, but that's what they're made of. They are seriously furry. I don't want to know how many truffula trees died to make my socks, yo.

Vladimir is very upset over that last bit of ROTK news. You know, the news about the part that isn't going to be in there anymore. I really like TTT, and it's actually a really good movie to have on in the background while you work (FOTR is less so, because I keep turning around to actually watch the damn thing). We're starting to suspect that FOTR was a brilliant fluke and that TTT, as nice a movie as it is by its lonesome, is sort of a failure on the trilogy level (i.e., Helm's Deep capsizes narrative arc and leaves no room for all these very important plot points that ROTK now has no room for. Feel free to flame me if you disagree). But, at the end of the day, LOTR is how we met (I was [and still am. No, really, I'm going to update this week, shut up] running the Digest; Vladimir emailed me about one of the LOTR pages; that was two years ago, and now we're downright smurfy), so we've gotten about as much out of these movies as you could hope for.

I love the soundtrack clips, though (as previously stated). Reminds me that I have a project I really want to work on now, that I take up every few months, work on, and then set back aside. It started as a (very) short story I wrote when I was eight years old (I know), and to say that it's changed and evolved rather surprisingly since then is a sizable understatement. God bless Black Ribbon, but I can't wait to get back to this one.
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