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And afterwards, there was cake

A few things (omg so behind on answering email/comments):

From mercuryandrain: "I was wondering if you could do me a HUGE favor and plug the Support Stacie auction sometime this week in one of your linkspam posts? Stacie is fighting high stage III breast cancer without the help of health insurance. This coming weekend (April third through sixth) a multi-fandom fanfic auction is taking place - people will bid on their favorite authors, and the highest bidder gets a story tailor-made to their specifications. Over 100 authors are participating at last count, from Roswell, Twilight, Dr. Who, Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter among other fandoms. Her website is, and the website where the auction will take place is There is also an LJ comm dedicated to the cause: supportstacie."

cee_m has put up (with my blessing) some "Twilight Means Never Having to Say You're Kidding" t-shirts to raise money for prizes for the YA Lit track at Dragon*Con.

The Littlest Edward is famous! And I mentioned this the other day somewhere--Twitter?--but while we're here: Biker Barbie with pink chaps. Ya rly.

Also, I have to show you this, because it brought light and joy into my life: VAMPIRE CLOAKS FOR DOLLS OMG. THE ALL-BLACK ONE HAS A COLLAR LIKE A BATWING OR A SPIDERWEB OR SOME SHIT, LOOK AT THAT! OMFG A BLACK POET SHIRT, I CAN'T STAND IT. It's like what Bella would make Edward wear if she felt kinky or something.

Follow-up on that Joker figure: Turns out it's not a two-pack; it's one figure with two outfits and two heads, so you get both your Police Officer Joker and your Classic Oh My God He's Going to Explode My Cat Joker all in one. The price I heard was $175 or thereabouts, with the release coming sometime this summer (end of second quarter to beginning of third quarter, somewhere in there). Full gallery here (OMG LOOK AT HIS EVIL LITTLE SUSPENDERS), in which you can see "an interchangeable and new make-up Joker head featured with Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Translucent Iris."

Once again, ladies and gentlemen: that is a doll.

Doesn't seem to be a lot of movie news tonight, which is good, because that means I can get some work in before our power's cut off for six hours tomorrow (they're working on the lines). So, in case you didn't catch that--I may potentially be offline, in the dark, and unavailable from 8 am to 2 pm.

Speaking of the Joker, Birmingham's "Batmobile" will be kept, restored and displayed by city.

New site captures authors' identities and won't let go.

Ohio man charged with drunken driving on bar stool. As you do.

Colbert demands space node name.

Is Twitter getting too big, too fast?; Status Update: Twitter and Facebook Look Like They're in Adorable Spat; Is Google Killing Firefox?

Laurell Hamilton's Vampire Hunter heads to TV.

A third Flight of the Conchords season might happen after all.

Viggo accepts Empire Award from Bean, remains endearingly wasted while doing so.

Images: Exclusive First Look at the 'Drag Me to Hell' Poster!; Number 2 Has Got Number 6 All Bottled Up, In New 'Prisoner' Poster; First Official Photos from Thomas Jane's 'Dark Country.'

Toy Story 3D Double Feature on October 2nd!; 'Dawn Treader' in 3D?; Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' Gets IMAX 3D Release; Ridley Scott Joins the 3D Club for 'Forever War'?

Extended Trailer for Half-Blood Prince Screened Today at ShoWest; Jason Isaacs To Film Role as Lucius Malfoy for Deathly Hallows in June, July; Lucius Malfoy is a softy; Deathly Hallows to Be Shot Using "Loads of Hand-Held Cameras," Tom Felton Talks Sectumsempra in Half-Blood Prince; Rhys Ifans Talks His New Role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as a "Great Guy"; High Res Editions of Six Character Posters from Half-Blood Prince.

Downey reveals ‘Sherlock Holmes’ details; ShoWest First Look at 'Sherlock Holmes'; ShoWest: Sherlock Holmes is a Comedy? Is It That Bad?

Paramount Gives the Star Trek Sequel an Early Greenlight!; ‘Star Trek’ Sequel is Already Eying a Summer 2011 Release.

A Whiteboard That Explains Terminator's Entire History.

Sam Raimi Wants Full Creative Control For ‘Spider-Man 4’; Sam Raimi says Spider-Man 4 script due by summer.

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Affleck Swears Off Comic Book Films, Says ‘Daredevil’ Was ‘Not Much Fun.’

Bettany Replaces Butler in Comic Adaptation ‘Priest’; Paul Bettany to hunt vampires in 'Priest.'

First Early Details on Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.'

Twilight Is Top-selling Release Of 2009; Kristen Stewart Talks to the LA Times; KStew Filming New Moon on March 30, 2009; Photos From La Push Filming; The Extended Twilight Sex Scene Plus Dancing Lesbian Vampires.

Tom Cruise not doing 'The 28th Amendment,' still choosing next project.

'Eagle of the Ninth' Recruits Kevin MacDonald and Jamie Bell.

Criterion Blu-ray Edition of ‘Ran’ Pulled from the Release Schedule.

Sean Connery Reviews ‘Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.’

Robinson Directing Miley Cyrus' Last Song; Miley Cyrus: No more 'Hannah Montana' films.

Dragonball: Evolution Clips; EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dragonball Evolution’ Star Emmy Rossum Has A Message For Film’s Doubters.

And now, maybe I can get a bit more done before the power goes off tomorrow.

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