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Some choice crazy in the 'spam today

A few things up front:

The new Made of Fail podcast is up!

Re: "Christmas in April": After some discussion on the last SLOD entry, I think we've decided that the green pegasus is named Medley, not Melody. Also: damn, y'all like you some My Little Ponies. I had no idea people still loved them so much, and I expected to be roundly mocked for still having mine.

(OMG THE BLUE PONY WITH THE FISH IS SO PRETTY! and also does not have dead, black eyes)


A couple of icons I loved but forgot to mention a while back: In case of explushination, break glass; a fever of 100 and werewolf.

More linkspam!

April Fools Are Hilarious, Irate & Thought-Provoking; Unicorn Chaser beverage from ThinkGeek!; It's... Squeeze Bacon! (OH BLARG); Have Sweet Dreams Resting In The Innards Of Your Own Tauntaun (update: At least one April Fool's joke may become a reality).

Gabriel García Márquez Will Not Write You Another Book.

The last book of 'The Wheel of Time' will be three volumes.

Tori Amos' new video "Welcome to England."

Blackbeard the Pirate's Sword and Booty Discovered.

Hollywood Wax Museum set to auction 200 wax celebs.

HBO's 'True Blood' flows into Season 2.

Lost, Airbender win Peabody Awards.

(Related to Lost: Morphing between young Ben and regular Ben.)

Keira Knightley in a disturbing domestic violence PSA.

Images: Tarantino's 'Basterds' Heads to Cannes as More Photos Arrive Online; 'The Stepfather' One-Sheet Threatens You; New Transformers 2 Robot Details & Photos Revealed; Steven Soderbergh's Sexy 'The Girlfriend Experience' Poster; 'Game' Retitled 'Citizen Game'; A New Strode Pic from Zombie's H2; Exclusive: 'Hysterical Psycho' Poster Premiere.

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Ridiculous Red Band Trailer for 'Bruno'!; Trailer for 'Fame' Hits (related: first photo); Another New Trailer for Sony's 'The Taking of Pelham 123'; A Second Trailer for ‘Hangover’; New 'Crank' trailer tries to kill your browser; EXCLUSIVE: Watch Channing Tatum Duking It Out In 'Fighting.'

UPDATED PIRACY SCANDAL: FBI Joins Fox In Hunt For "Stolen, Incomplete & Early Version' 'Wolverine' Print On Web; 'Wolverine' leak: End of the world?; Wolverine Leak Aftermath; Radically Recut 'Wolverine' to Be Released; 10 Ways Wolverine Could Still Become A Decent Film; Wolverine's Hugh Jackman offers to host a premiere in your hometown. I like to think that last link is directly related to the others.

'The Last Airbender' to Start Filming in Reading; 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Set Pics Appear - From Philadelphia and Greenland.

'The Rum Diary' Begins Principal Photography.

Binoche’s ‘Certified Copy’ Begins Filming in June.

ShoWest: 'G.I. Joe' Footage was Quite a Cheesy Let Down.

New Photos of Construction at Wizarding World of Harry Potter Online.

Robert Patrick Toys With Our Hearts For Terminator 5.

Cotillard, Page and Murphy in talks for 'Inception.'

'The Hobbit' May Extend to Become a Trilogy. (ETA: Ah, it's an April Fool's joke. I knew there'd be something we would all take seriously and then end up having to put out rumor fires for months.)

EXCLUSIVE: Rumored ‘Green Lantern’ Star Chris Pine Doesn’t Have Part, Hasn’t Read Script.

Aaaaand it's Crazygonuts Day with the Twilight news: "I Know You're A Werewolf And All, But There Is This Place Called Supercuts…"; Kristen Stewart Says ‘New Moon’ Will Be ‘More Tragic’ Than ‘Twilight’; Dear fangirls: you scare the shit out of Kristen Stewart (" 'More than three girls of that certain age — run away,' she says, laughing as the threat settles in a distant part of the patio. 'Girls are scary. Large groups of girls scare the (crap) out of me.... They covet him. I think half of them are so jealous that they hate me' "); No, Kristen Stewart is not actually on Twitter; Glenn Beck: Obama = Edward Cullen; What the fuck? "Forget getting a boring old autograph, to celebrate the release of Best-Film-Ever, Twilight, starring the Hottest-Boy-Ever, Robert Pattinson, you can get your copy bitten! Mad but true - this Monday 6th April in HMV's Oxford Circus (150, Oxford Street) flagship store, a steel version of Mr P's teeth will be 'biting' into the sleeves of Twilight DVDs." I really cannot tell if they are shitting people on this one or not. It's dated April 2, you guys. I don't know.

Twilight series spawns religion: Edward Cullen is real, members should read the books like a Bible. Okay, you win. You're the craziest. Enjoy.

Related: Exclusive: Adventureland's Eisenberg & Stewart; Kristen Stewart Interview on; Coming-of-age 'Adventureland' is a meandering ride.

'Fast & Furious' puts franchise in neutral.

Invasion spoof 'Alien Trespass' is easy to forgive.

Emily Blunt On How Jack Black Will ‘Stir Up’ ‘Gulliver’s Travels’; A spot of tea and bit of 'Sunshine' with Emily Blunt.

David Cronenberg Looks To Lock In His Denzel/Cruise Spy Thriller ‘The Matarese Circle.’

Aaron Eckhart Falls Into a 'Rabbit Hole' with Nicole Kidman.

Mikkelsen and Davalos are the Latest to Join ‘Clash of the Titans.’

Tim Robbins Says ‘Iron Man 2’ Role Is ‘An Internet Rumor.’

Idris Elba Confirmed For ‘The Losers,’ Zoe Saldana Playing Aisha.

EXCLUSIVE: Vin Diesel Interested in Playing Doctor Doom, Has Discussed Namor/Sub-Mariner Movie.

Don't miss your chance to star as Spider-Man or Mary Jane on Broadway.

Visit the 'Cirque du Freak' in 2010.

Barry Sonnenfeld Opens 'Spellman Files.'

‘Sex And The City’ Sequel Gets May 2010 Release Date.

Megan Fox Joining Rourke in 'Passion Plays'; Megan Fox Appears as Mickey Rourke’s Angel.

James Marsters on how Moonshot brought Apollo 11 to life; James Marsters: Plains Invaders puts a new spin on Old West; Vampire Showdown: James Marsters On ‘Buffy’’s Spike Vs. ‘Twilight’’s Edward.

ShoWest: Third 'Men in Black' in Development! That's a panicked "!" in my mind.

Judd Apatow and Bill Hader's Slasher Titled 'House of Joel.'

'Ice Age 3' at the center of a struggle over 3-D exhibition; A battle in the third dimension: Studios vs. theater owners.

Kevin Spacey Starring in New Indie Comedy Not as Exciting as It Would Be in 1999.

Everybody Wants To Rock, Even The Vomiting Penis Monsters [Found Footage].

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