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Sunday 'spam

New Secret Life of Dolls thataway. I think we might be able to get to The Package after two more entries. That second entry, though? Ought to be pretty exciting on its own. And keep in mind that the last time I said that, I brought in the My Little Ponies. So keep an eye out for that.


Fox News Illegally Downloads "Wolverine" and Reviews It; Roger Friedman Brags About Downloading 'Wolverine'; Fox News fires renegade Wolverine reviewer Roger Friedman. Oh my God. This is one of the stupidest, and by "stupidest" I mean "funniest," things I've ever heard. "Please enjoy this review of a stolen movie that I pirated which was MADE BY THE COMPANY THAT OWNS MY SITE." Way to Darwin yourself out of a job, man.

(New Poster For ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’; Exclusive: Fox chairman says leaked 'Wolverine' is an 'unfinished version' and 'a complete misrepresentation of the film'; Wolverine Is Mutant Metaphor For Our Own Inner Hurt.)

'Fast & Furious' grosses huge $30.1 mil on Friday, on pace to shatter box office records; Fast & Furious Fires Up Record $72.5 Million! I don't know if it's just that there's nothing else fun, loud and stupid for people to go see right now, but God knows I wasn't expecting the fourth installment in a broke-ass franchise to break records, and I don't know anyone else who was either.

Quitting Time for Viggo Mortensen?

Lost on Location - Henry Ian Cusick interview.

1960s ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Series Launches On Marvel Website.

The Ladies Of Sesame Street Remind Us Of All The Things "Women Can Be."

4 classic movie rogues: EW portraits (Louise Fletcher, Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone, and Malcolm McDowell).

Images: New Land of the Lost Pics; Johnny Depp is Mr. Puerto Rico ('The Rum Diary'); Ashton Kutcher & Katherine Heigl: 'Killer' Couple; New Photos and Poster for Sandy Collora's Hunter Prey; Exclusive: 'Food, Inc.' Poster Premiere.

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Full Korean Trailer for Park Chan-wook's 'Thirst'; One Final 'Mutant Chronicles' TV Spot for Your Enjoyment, EXCLUSIVE: Ron Perlman Flies High In ‘The Mutant Chronicles’ Dogfight; Trailer for Carlos Cuarón's Soccer Comedy 'Rudo y Cursi'; Watch an exclusive clip from 'Battle for Terra'; James Franco Trashes a Room.

HBP HAS FOUND IT'S GRINDELWALD? (Man, between Sweeney Todd, New Moon, and this, this kid has the best agent ever. Although I was kind of imagining someone more... magnetic? assertive? ...for Grindelwald); Tom Felton Talks Malfoy Manor and Draco's Family; Jason Isaacs on the Jonathan Ross show today, talks Harry Potter etc.

It's official: 'Nightmare on Elm Street' reboot: Jackie Earle Haley to play Freddy Krueger. (Related: Zack Snyder Confirms Watchmen Director's Cut Still Coming.)

By the way, it turns out that the "Hobbit trilogy" thing was an April Fool's joke. I knew we'd have at least one slip through the cracks.

Two New Short 'n Sweet Terminator Salvation TV Spots; Futuristic New Terminator Salvation Viral Video Discovered; TERMINATOR SALVATION: First Look @ Helena Bonham Carter as Serena Korgen (WARNING: GIGANTIC SPOILER); This Is The Best Year To Be A Terminator Fanatic.

Christian Bale Also Interested in the 'Prisoners' Project?

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Iron Man 2’ Won’t Feature ‘Demon In A Bottle’ Storyline, Reveals Robert Downey, Jr.; Robert Downey Jr. Promises Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Iron Man 2; Robert Downey Jr. likes Rourke as a co-star; The Internets Could Be Right About Tim Robbins In Iron Man 2.

Fifth Star Trek TV Spot Online!; Saucy Adult Film To Be Based On 'Star Trek.'

New Moon Movie Scene Slated to Film; 'Twilight' exclusive: Director Catherine Hardwicke thanks fans for making her 'Director's Notebook' No. 1; Drew Barrymore Shoots ‘Whip It,’ Stares at ‘Eclipse’ — Does She Have What it Takes?

‘Alien Trespass’ is all too familiar; Dan Lauria: One Pissed-Off Cop In An Alien World.

Romola Garai, Jonny Lee Miller, Sir Michael Gambon for BBC 'Emma' 2009.

G.I. Joe's 'Duke' dishes on overacting and his kung fu grip.

Will Zac Efron appear in ‘Pirates’ 4?; DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Bottom line: "I wish I could confirm it was anything but a rumor, but I haven't heard it."

Cyrus And Jonas Siblings Team Up For Miyazaki Movie.

Leslie Mann to star in Robert Rodriguez's 'Shorts.'

Cloris Leachman to costar in 'Bonnie and Clyde' film.

WHAT THE WHAT? SMG in talks for possible Buffy movie?? Yeah... I'll believe it when I see it.

Eesh, Paul Weitz Circles 'Little Fockers'; 'Little Fockers': To care or not to care? That is the poll question.

Basically it's 'The Santa Clause,' but for Easter.

Eddie Furlong Grabs a Terminator and Heads Back to Uwe Boll Land. Well, we don't call it The Uwe Boll Slot here for nothin'.

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