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I had dinner and then took a hot shower and that was apparently a baaaad idea because I'm about to fall asleep right here at my desk. So, before I pass out:

ipomoea spotted a few original Movies in Fifteen Minutes hardbacks for sale in Austin!

Gabriel García Márquez Denies Rumors; 'Nope! Still Writing', Says Gabriel García Márquez.

Michael Crichton Died with an Entire Spare Novel in Reserve.

Crime writer leaves famed character behind ("Fans of the character Easy Rawlins don't want to hear it, but author Walter Mosley says he has officially moved on").

Female Blogger To Marry Commenter; Men Freaking ("If a male blogger found women to consort with by going into his comments, I think he'd be congratulated").

Franz Ferdinand cover 'Womanizer' on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

From maramala: If Iorek Byrnison were real: "You have to assume that it was pretty fucking demoralizing to the Germans to see that the Poles had a fucking GIANT GODDAMNED BROWN BEAR fighting on their side."

OMG Sirens! Odysseus's Twitter Feed [The Wine-dark Tweet].

Hugh Jackman Launches Official Twitter.

Nathan Fillion: The EW Pop Culture Personality Test.

Little Ben loves Lost, remains adorable while doing so.

'The Fast and the Bi-Curious' starring Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg.

Emily Blunt's VF photoshoot; Summer Glau is a Ballet Babe.

Mickey Rourke knocks down WWE's Jericho.

Why 3-D Movies Will Always Hurt Your Eyes.

Images: Another Lovably Awesome 'Where the Wild Things Are' Poster; French 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Poster; 'Fame' Teaser Posters.

'Star Trek' promotional machine hits Warp 9; The Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover That Never Was.

Three new 'Terminator Salvation' TV ads are now live; Terminator Salvation's Helena Bonham Carter reveals a few secrets; ‘Terminator Salvation’ Trading Cards Reveal New Images.

EXCLUSIVE: Zack Snyder Reveals Setting For Revolutionary ‘300’ Follow-Up.

(Related to the works of Zack Snyder: Man Commits Suicide While Watching 'Watchmen.')

‘Iron Man 2’ Begins Filming Today, Jon Favreau Posts Photos From Kickoff.

Megan Fox Runs Hot; Michael Bay Kills Off Transformer Just Because He Can.

Will Heath Ledger's last film, 'Dr. Parnassus,' premiere at Cannes?

There's No Business Like Snow Business for Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida; Muggle Students Play Quidditch in Wales.

Related: New Trailer for 'Cherrybomb' Starring Rupert Grint (Updated); Ron Weasley Gets Busy in ‘Cherrybomb’ Promo Trailer; 'Harry Potter' star Rupert Grint has sex, does drugs, and makes me hide under my desk.

Richard Kelly says 'The Box' is finished and ready for October; Richard Kelly Wants You To Push The Button On 'The Box.'

Mike Newell Helming 'Box of Delights' for Brilliant Films.

Story Details On the Remake of Stephen King’s ‘IT’; Writer Promises Stephen King's 'It' Remake Will Be R-Rated.

High School To Host 'New Moon' Shooting; This Is A Refreshing Under-Exposed Twilight Humans Post; Borders Gives Twilight Fans a Thank You (read: discount); THE DVD BITING THING WAS REAL. Fortunately, no one actually wanted to use it.

Related: Online petition won't get Pattinson on ‘SNL’; Robert Pattinson in Exclusive ‘Little Ashes’ Clips: What Do You Think, Twilighters? I think I have a Dali phobia and can't watch them at all, is what I think. the mustache haunts my dreams you guys

Keanu Reeves developing sci-fi 'Passengers' for Morgan Creek.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Joining Method Man For George Lucas WWII Epic ‘Red Tails.’

Christina Ricci Was 'Born to Be a Star.'

Jake Kasdan Helming 'Burt Dickenson' Magician Project.

Terrence Howard to produce, star in tropical take on Macbeth.

Brian Keene's 'Dark Hollow' Headed to the Big Screen.

Warner Brothers Threatens Legal Action Against Hindi-Language Version of 'Benjamin Button.'

'Would You Be Willing to Have Unsimulated Intercourse on Screen?' Oh, Peter Greenaway, you so crazy.

MTV News Writer To Become One Of ‘The Crazies.’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dragonball Evolution’ Cast & Crew Explain Differences With Source Material. "Well, first we made it suck," maybe?

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