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A quiet, chatty day

Man--for some reason I really crash in the evenings. I mean, not unreasonably, but since I try to put off the linkspam as long as I can to get the last news of the day in--*flop.*

(And I really need to go take some pictures, too, because I need to have night in the background, if that makes any sense. Nrrrgh, second wind!)

Re: the book: A number of people commented yesterday that they've seen the Movies in Fifteen Minutes book in different Half Price Books stores around the country, so it may be a chain-wide import thing, not just that one store in Austin. And if you were concerned as to whether I get royalties if the book is half-price, secondhand, whatever--I honestly don't care. My personal feeling at this point is that it's more important for people to read the book (and come back here and start reading my journal, even) than to get whatever few cents on the dollar might come in. And I'm even saying that from a financial perspective--it seems like an investment in the future to try to get more people to see the book, so if you buy it used or borrow it from a library or lend it to a friend, I am perfectly okay with that.

From ook: Lein Wein, creator of Wolverine, lost his home, dog, and original art in a fire. I'm not sure if he lost the entire house? It's deeply unfortunate either way.

Re: Project Download and Erin's passing: I've been holding on to this perhaps longer than I should have, but I wanted to get an answer from Erin's mother first--chris_walsh did attend Erin's memorial last week, and says, "Jo [Erin's mother] wanted to hear from more people who knew Erin online. If you want to reach Jo, her e-mail is jorn43 [at] yahoo[dot]com." You'll need to put Erin's name in the subject line ("About Erin," for example) to make sure Jo knows to open it.

Changes take effect in Apple's iTunes prices.

The Hand In Space! [Space Porn].

Twitter Is Wondering Why Facebook's Down.

Blade Runner's Original Text Comes To Comics [Exclusive]; 'The Flash' and 'Secret Warriors': Are these the two best-written super-hero comics right now?

‘Rock of Ages’ lights up Broadway.

SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS WEEK'S "HOUSE" YET: Actor leaves TV series to work for Obama; 'House' actor explains shocking decision.

NBC's 'Kings' move to Saturday nights; NBC Readies 'Kings' For The Firing Squad.

'10 Things I Hate About You': Can ABC Family do the fan favorite justice?

A modern 'Wizard of Oz' adaptation for TV is coming.

James Franco re-enacts his entire career.

Images: Rant: This Poster for Richard Kelly's 'The Box' is Awful!; 28 Photos From 'The Expendables' Set; ‘Jonah Hex’ Casting In New Orleans, Megan Fox Photos Appear Online.

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Trailer for Rian Johnson's 'The Brothers Bloom'; Now Officially Released: Trailer for Cherrybomb' Starring Rupert Grint; 'Frankenhood' Trailer: Frankenstein's Monster Plays Street Basketball; Watch This: Spike Jonze's 'Everyone Poops' Trailer.

The Biggest Hollywood Crime of the Decade [Wolverine Leak]; It's Official: Roger Friedman is Out as Fox News' Entertainment Columnist.

'Star Trek': What people are saying after the surprise screening; Early 'Star Trek' Reviews Seem Very Positive; Let's Not Go TOO Crazy over These Early 'Star Trek' Reviews; Star Trek Sneak Explodes In Giant Trekgasm. Meanwhile, EXCLUSIVE: New ‘Star Trek’ Clip Reveals Tougher, Hornier Captain Kirk; Review: Star Trek 12-inch figures cartoony but collectible; Star Trek TOS wall mural turns your mom's basement into the bridge of the Enterprise.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Iron Man 2’ Black Widow, Tony Stark & Pepper Potts Love Triangle Confirmed; Behind-the-scenes video from the set of Iron Man 2; Favreau tweets; ‘Iron Man 2’ Update: First Look At Don Cheadle, Garry Shandling Joins Cast.

Is Terminator Salvation rated PG-13?; The Many Faces Of John Connor's Terminator Foes.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Caine Could Join Cast For Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception.’

Vancouver Sun Confirms New Moon High School Filming.

Zac Efron Attached To ‘Full Metal Panic!’ Manga Adaptation?; Zac Efron's FunnyOrDie skit: Does this thing actually exist?!

Was George Lucas Wrong?

Coming Soon: ‘Moon’ - A Sci-Fi Trip To The Dark Side, By Kurt Loder.

Jamie Foxx Says Michael Mann’s ‘Damage Control’ Is On Its Way.

Exclusive: Derick Martini's 'Lymelife.'

50 Cent, Chace Crawford And Emma Roberts Join ‘Twelve.’

'Shadow of the Colossus' is being made into a movie: Yay! But who'll direct?

In the Future with The Crazies ' Eisner and Mitchell.

'Topper' remakers slag the 1937 original film.

How Dragonball Evolution's stars learned to kick butt; Goku Vs. Wolverine? Piccolo Vs. Spike? ‘Dragonball’ Star James Marsters Calls The Match-Ups.

Fair Warning, DVD Shoppers: 'Howard the Duck' Special Edition Exists.

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