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Early linkspam so I can go take some pictures for something I'm a bit behind on posting. Cough.

Re: the previous post: Okay, you know me. I love me some Tonners. That is not a factory fresh "original" Tonner Jacob. Now that I've gotten a good look at it, you can't convince me that it is. I know for a fact that the other two are repaints, because I know what the originals look like. That is just not a Tonner paint job, and you cannot tell me otherwise. ETA: Aha! Solved.

The new Made of Fail podcast is up, for real this time.

Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Dave Arneson dead at 61.

Fawcett's battle brings attention to rare cancer.

First Glimpse of Stephen King's Next Novel.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels provide street names for U.K. town.

Ebert Compares Bill O'Reilly to Horny Mouse.

Somali Pirates Kidnap Americans, Instantly Become Villains [Mistakes]; It's All 'Parrots' This and 'Argh, Matey' That Until the Terrorist Pirates Kill You, America.

U2's manager wants the power to cut off your Internet connection.

Conficker computer worm wakes up; Conficker Worm Spams People Too Stupid to Download Antivirus Software.

Zombies lurch into popular culture; Review: Take a bite out of Jane Austen with 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' (yes, it's a real book); Gentleman in New Orleans Loses Chunk of Arm in Possible Zombie Attack.

Will Fox air only 12 of Dollhouse's 13 episodes?; You Won't Get Your Alan Tudyk/Felicia Day Fix On 'Dollhouse.'

Meet the Dalekettes, A Gang of Cosplayers After Our Hearts [Cosplay FTW].

ABC's Summer Officially Filled With 'Daisies' And 'Eli Stone' [Summer Television Deathhouse].

Solved! The secret 'Fringe' glyph code; 'Fringe' beams up Mr. Spock!

First Look At Macaulay Culkin's Good Son-esque 'Kings' Cameo.

Season 2 'True Blood' Casting News.

Billy Bob Thornton tussles with online TV host. Short version: "How dare you mention that I am or ever was an actor!"

Are Movies Better the Second Time? You know what? I would actually argue that Casablanca doesn't even really work until the second time you see it, because it's all about memory and nostalgia as it is. The first time you see it, all you can focus on are the lines that are, through no fault of their own, now clichés; every subsequent time, you are participating in the experience of returning to something, justlike the characters.

Images: The Best or The Worst Terminator Salvation Poster Yet?; You Can Tell These Transformers 2s are Both Best Brothers and Best Friends; New 'What Goes Up' Offical Poster and Stills; Trippy Freakin' Poster for Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock'; 'Moon' pics; Exclusive: Teaser Poster for Nora Ephron's 'Julie and Julia.'

Trailers and clips: Must Watch: Second Fantastic Trailer for Public Enemies!; More On HBO's Grey Gardens: "The Hallmark Of Aristocracy Is Responsibility" [Exclusive]; Must Watch: Trailer for Foreign Language Oscar Winner 'Departures'; EXCLUSIVE: Watch Ashley Tisdale Repel An Alien Attack In ‘They Came From Upstairs’; Trailer Premiere: Mike Judge's 'Extract'!; The Descent 2 trailer released; Finally, Two Girls in a Lightsaber Strip-Fight!; New Eminem music video spoofs Star Trek and Transformers; '8 Mile' and 'Die Hard' Reimagined as 50s French Classics; 'Naked Dawn': Rob Schneider's Parodies No More Ridiculous Than Rob Schneider's Real Movies.

trailer_spot: Departures, Blood: The Last Vampire, Rain, Rudo y Cursi, Young Victoria.

Half-Blood Prince Trailer News: Clean Version of Japanese Trailer, More; Statement from J.K. Rowling Regarding Resignation from MS Society Scotland; Actor Jamie Waylett Reportedly Arrested for Drug Possession in London; Deathly Hallows Filming Update: Location Shoots Possibly in Midlands and London; Variety: Ralph Fiennes to Begin Deathly Hallows Production "In the Fall."

And why not until the fall? Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson Join ‘Clash of the Titans,’ as Hades and Zeus, respectively.

‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Star Hugh Jackman Ziplines From A Helicopter, Awesomeness Ensues; Hugh Jackman 'heartbroken' at Wolverine leak; Three New ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ TV Previews Go Online; Taylor Kitsch is eyesexing various points in the distance.

Spock Says ‘Answer Me’ in New ‘Star Trek’ Clip; Third Star Trek Clip And Pics Take You On Spock's Bridge; Beam Him Up, Scotty.

Gary Oldman Joins 'Iron Man 2'?; Gary Oldman NOT in 'Iron Man 2'; Your daily dose of RDJ.

Robert Downey Jr. Is Betting On ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Sequel; First Film is PG-13.

EXCLUSIVE: Is Robert Downey Jr. Out Of ‘Cowboys And Aliens’?

Writers confirm a Spider-Man Venom spinoff is in the works.

Megan Fox to star as 'She-Hulk.'

Have Warners Planned A Green Lantern Trilogy?

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Caine Explains Last Year’s ‘Batman 3’ Depp/Hoffman Casting Rumor.

Vancouver Sun Confirms: Stephenie Meyer On New Moon Set; Forks HS Set Photos;Gianna Cast?; Stephenie Meyer Sold 16 Percent of all Books Last Quarter; Twilight Fans Stab, Choke, And Beat Haters Into Submission. Okay, guys, seriously? I'll say it again: I strongly doubt that most of those incidents as written happened. I mean, why do so many of the stories feature 1) the ominous "I'LL GET YOU" Threat o' Foreshadowing and then 2) the inevitable Twihard battle cry of "I'LL SHOW YOU, HATER!"? I mean, I'm a connoisseur of crazy, but most of these stories read like Twilight haters trying to prove a point.

(Related: Jackson Rathbone: Criminal Minds Wrap Up; SPOILERS: "Miss Jasper if you're nasty!")

(Re: 'Russet Noon': Author threatens Caito at FW, plaintively asks why fans "can't make money off the universe they feed." Meanwhile, Twilight Lexicon asks Whose Characters Are They Anyway? and replies, in essence, "NOT YOURS.")

‘Bizarro’ Superman Movie Making The Rounds?

‘Constantine’ Writer Mark Bomback To Adapt Gerard Way’s ‘Umbrella Academy’ For Film.

Al Pacino Set To Play Napoleon For ‘Betsy And The Emperor.’

Would You Rather Universal Make a Third Riddick Film or ‘Serenity 2′? (oh, come on, that's not even a fair fight); There Is A Band Called The Browncoats And Yes, They Sing About Jayne.

UPDATE: Dimension Lets 'Sin City 2' Rights Expire?

Kyle Gallner confirmed to join cast of 'Nightmare on Elm Street.'

‘Pink Panther’ Filmmaker Says ‘We’ve Seen the End’ of the Series.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dragonball Evolution’ Star Emmy Rossum Eyes Neil Gaiman’s ‘Black Orchid’ & ‘Death.’ Read: she wants to be in the projects; no one has asked her.

10 things you need to know before you see Dragonball Evolution; The cast of Dragonball Evolution talks hairspray, anime and butt kicking; ‘Dragonball Evolution’ Stars Talk Fandom And The Pressures Of Introducing An Epic. Well, fortunately, they were nowhere near an epic movie, so the pressure was off, I guess.

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