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A few things

First off: Happy holidays if you celebrate them!

Secondly: I just wanted to reassure people that lurking is totally okay. I know that for a lot of "personal" journals, lurking can be kind of creepy, but I really think of this as sort of a hybrid journal/media blog, and I generally don't post anything I wouldn't want repeated (very much keeping the "open universe" concept in mind). So linking to an entry here is okay, and quietly reading without saying anything is completely fine. Based on my site stats, the majority of people don't say anything, in fact. (And since I have anonymous commenting turned off for the sake of my own sanity, I imagine that a number of them can't.) I like chatting with people when I can, but you're not under any pressure or obligation, and I don't think it's weird if you stay in read-only mode.

Thirdly: Since I was discussing the imminent release of the NECA Bella figure in the comments, and a few people raised concerns that having a Bella around would suck, let me ask you this: would you have believed me if I'd told you two months ago that you would love The Littlest Edward? (I mean, not all of you do, I guess, but he's pretty popular now.) Keep in mind how crazy Bella drives me in the books. And that I know y'all are concerned about this. And that I know that reenacting Twilight unironically would be super lame besides, I don't have a truck or bad vampires. And also, that TLE still has My Little Ponies to take care of. And also-also, that Anna still hates him. I'm just saying, there's lots of places we could go with The Littlest Bella, and even I haven't decided what all they could be. So, you know. No worries.

And we haven't even opened The Package yet, and no matter who's in there (uh. Creepy choice of words, sorry), it will obviously affect the entire Shelf. But I promise you, we have gotten through everything we need to get through--or we will have, after the conclusion to yesterday's cliffhanger, which I might be able to post tonight, I don't know. Depending on how long it takes me to write, we could have The Reveal by Monday or Tuesday.

Fourthly (are we on four now?): I got a couple of related-to-doll stories recs. From melayka, abe_kroenen, a multi-fandom Hellboy-centered photo comic (hey, is that an Elrond?), and--help, I've lost the comment! Who recommended Kimono's Townhouse, the one with the My Little Ponies? ETA: It was dakiwiboid, thanks!

Fifthly, the doll food in the previous entry was from Pancake Meow, although the milk was real, and if you look closely, you'll see two tiny doll "aspirin" (it's the little touches that mean so much).

Sixthly, the Aromaleigh samples really are very becoming.

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