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An Aleve, some cheesecake, and then I flop

Thataway: The Package is REVEALED, and the responses are cracking me up. (I love how the predominant sentiment is, "He's an asshole! YAY!")

(Hello, new unlurkers! A few folks mentioned getting LJ accounts so as to comment on that entry, so welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.)

Meanwhile, I am hearing disturbing rumors that NECA might not put out The Littlest Bella until JULY. Y'all... I am gonna be so screwed if I have to tread water on this for another three months. I am trying very hard not to email them like a wingnut and plead for information.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, I've been clenching my jaw again, fnarr. Got a lot of work done today, though (which is probably why).

Linkspam! Says 'Embarrassing' Error, Not Hacker, Censored 57,310 Gay Books; Amazon Is Embarrassed By "Ham-Fisted Cataloging Error"; Why Amazon’s Explanation Is None At All; Amazon’s Response: Bad; Adventures in Ethics and Science: Some thoughts on #Amazonfail.

Marilyn Chambers, Adult Film Star, Dies at 56; RIP Marilyn Chambers (and a Brief History of Adult Entertainment).

Phil Spector Found Guilty of Murder.

Harrelson: I mistook photographer for zombie. I love you, man.

Mel Gibson's billion-dollar divorce: How bad will it be for him?

Michael Jackson's stuff not for sale following settlement. And this after they'd filled an old department store with it, too.

Want a Waterhouse original? Oh, and it's my favorite! I... I have $0.47 and a couple of paperclips, will you take that?

Thomas Doyle's marvelous diorama art.

New Kurt Vonnegut Book.

SFWA Website Comes To Life, Starts Attacking Web Browsers.

Are Dollhouse And Sarah Connor Chronicles Already Canceled? [Rumors]; 'Sarah Connor': 'It's done.'

Red Dwarf Smegs Up Its Comeback [Red Dwarf Recap].

'The Tudors' to end in 2010.

Lindsay Lohan looks for love and laughs in Funny or Die video; Director: Lindsay Lohan "Improvised" While Filming Funny or Die Video.

Piracy fail: Twitter user gets free movie tix for failed attempt to download 'Adventureland'; Could Studio Rewards Help Fight Movie Piracy?

Images: Hand-Drawny 'Brothers Bloom' Poster (gorgeous, by the way); Set Photos Overload! ("New photos from the sets of Touchstone's 'Surrogates,' Orlando Bloom drama 'Main Street,' Johnny Depp-starrer 'The Rum Diary,' Walt Disney Pictures' 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice,' and John Wells' 'The Company Men' "); Orlando Bloom is Police Officer Protective; Johnny Depp Goes Through the Roof; 'What Goes Up' website launched + new movie stills; Us Weekly's 'Grey Gardens' Cover Leaves Much To Be Desired; 'Extract' Poster is Subtle; New Pic of Megan Fox’s Bloody ‘Jennifer’s Body’; $300 Million, And This Is The New Tron Suit?

Trailers and clips: ‘Angels and Demons’ Extended Sneak Peek; Let the 'Antichrist' Trailer Force You Up Against Its Nightmare Tree; '500 Days of Summer' Q&A at SXSW; New ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ Website Launches With Edgar Wright Video Journal; Trailers for Robert Pattinson's 'How To Be' and 'Little Ashes' Online; Intense Promo Trailer for Nicolas Refn's 'Valhalla Rising'; Watch This: 'S. Darko' Goes Viral; Get Bloody with Delpy’s ‘Countess’; Watch Gahan Wilson animate Neil Gaiman in a new creepy cartoon.

trailer_spot: Extract, Moon, Public Enemies, Thirst, Vengeance, Chéri; Angels & Demons, Antichrist, Staten Island, Countess, Anvil! The Story of Anvil, Ugly Truth.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to open two days early; New Trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Due Thursday; Two More HPB Pics: Quidditch Ginny, Harry, Katie Bell; New Cover Art for Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch Through the Ages Due July 31, 2009.

William Hurt Joins Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood As Legendary Knight.

Report: Wolverine leak doesn't hurt, might be helping; Early Report Indicates Success For ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Despite Movie Leak; EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Wade ‘Deadpool’ Wilson In New ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Character Profile!; John Wraith Teleports Into New ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Character Profile.

Meanwhile, RealHughJackman on Twitter: "I will donate 100K to one individual's favorite non profit organization. Of course, you must convince me why by using 140 characters or less."

McG's Terminator Salvation Will End Up Rated PG-13; Skynet's Distributed Computing Platform - Download This!; Who Is Keeping Arnold From Fulfilling His Robot Destiny?

(Related: McG Brings ‘Spring Awakening’ From Broadway To Hollywood.)

Star Trek Coming Earlier on May 7th; New Photos From J.J. Abrams' Star Trek; Bryan Fuller explains his ideas for a new Star Trek TV series; Trekker-Style Your Desktop [Exclusive]; Star Trek viral marketing kicks into high gear with weird stuff; Star Trek's Pon Farr Fragrance Ads Help You "Leave Logic Behind" [Spring Mating Season].

Have We Already Met Iron Man's Arch-Enemy?

(Related: How to Piss Off Iron Man at 'The Soloist' Press Conference; Bret Easton Ellis Finishes ‘Less Than Zero’ Sequel, Wants Robert Downey Jr. Back.)

EXCLUSIVE: Zack Snyder Discusses Life After ‘Watchmen.’

Michael Sheen Cast as Aro in Twilight’s ‘New Moon’?; ‘Twilight’ Conversation Hearts Land At (I love how someone new discovers these every few weeks. I need to just get some, review them, and get it over with); Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner: Parking Lot Hot; 4 Cullens Roam the Streets of Vancouver; FINALLY SOME LA PUSH BOYS; MTV Movie Awards: Twilight Fans Take Control!, God help us all; WTF: 30 Bucks for a Photo with the 'Twilight' Hand Model?; Tales of ‘Twilight’ Violence Flood the Web - What’s Yours? AGAIN: I REALLY DO NOT BELIEVE TOO TERRIBLY MANY OF THESE ARE REAL.

Russell Brand’s ‘Sarah Marshall’ Follow-Up Has Six New Legs; Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, and Sean Combs join 'Get Him to the Greek.'

Kristen Bell to Topline 'You Again.'

‘American Idol’ Contestant Adam Lambert Was Up For ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’ Lead. My mom loves him, y'all. Him and his fabulosity.

Michael Chabon Signs On To Write 'John Carter Of Mars.'

EXCL: Gondry Talks About The Green Hornet; EXCLUSIVE: Michel Gondry Reveals New ‘Green Hornet’ Fight Filming Techniques.

Knightley and Farrell Joined by Trio on ‘London Boulevard.’

Sally Hawkins lands role in 'Never Let Me Go': Is she destined for big things?

Richard Jenkins joins Julia Roberts in 'Eat, Pray, Love' movie.

Nora Ephron cooks up a rich stew filming 'Julie & Julia.'

United Artists Adapting The Heartbreakers; United Artists Writes 'Rules of Dating for Teenage Girls.' And we are changing the title... why?

Tina Fey and Steve Carell’s ‘Date Night’ is Crashed By Wahlberg and Franco.

Gyllenhaal Joins Nanny McPhee Sequel.

Channing Tatum Eyes ‘Captain America’ Role — But Will Smith Would Be ‘Perfect’ Casting.

Dan Aykroyd Hints At Ghostbuster ‘Cadets’ In ‘Ghostbusters’ Threequel.

Did You Know That Zac Efron is Obsessed with 'Back to the Future'? "Care." I think the verb you're looking for here is "care."

Elisabeth Shue is Gobbled Up By 3-D 'Pirahna.' Oh... honey, no.

It's Time for a Little Caveman Action [Found Footage].

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